Today is one of those days where I just feel so tired its impossible to haul-ass off the sofa. A hangover without the perk of drinking and making a tit of myself the night before.

My days are unpredictable lately. One day I’m up and about with a desperate urge to shop or paint the bedroom walls, the next I’m tv bound or Facebooking for hours! I must admit, when I was freehand painting the join between the walls and the ceiling the other week I did commit the pregnancy crime of going up a ladder. It was fine when I was up there – I used the ceiling to stabilize myself; its getting down again that was the problem! I found that my stomach aligned with the steps, pushing me away and my knees wouldn’t bend the right way to reach the next step. So there was some tipping, wiggling and waiting involved each time I needed to get down. At least the neighbours were entertained for a bit by my giant belly attempting to shimmy across the window frame.

There’s nothing like a clumsy pregnant woman to entertain the masses with her awkwardness and lack of balance. I went to visit a friend on the train yesterday (while I still can) and having missed the seat completely, landed on my bum in the aisle at the feet of all the standing passengers. A flustered looking man in the next seat let go of his girlfriends hand to try and help me into my seat. It was one of those moments where by trying to help me, he actually made it more difficult an just ended up accidentally touching my bum then turning away. I’m often told I have the brain of a blonde so I’m quite used to this sort of ritual humiliation by now.

When I plan to get an early night I randomly find myself in the kitchen at 11pm cleaning the inside of a bin with sanitiser or rearranging the kitchen cupboards. Iv discovered that “nesting” can be quite a disgusting habit at times! You go to get a drink and its not til you are scouring stale baked beans off the roof of the microwave and begin urging, that you find you never made it as far as the squash cupboard.

So anyway, I think todays a day for taking it easy so I had better ask the princess of the house which Disney film we are watching on repeat today. Yesterday my husband accused me of watching Jeremy Kyle but I really havnt gotten that desperate yet.


  1. Adriel Booker says:

    congrats on your twins! nesting is funny like that, huh? i found it’s best to just go with it when you have the urge. cuz like you said, other days there’s no getting ANYTHING done. 😉

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