Sometimes I really don’t understand men…

Hubby comes home from work exclaiming that he’s too tired to even watch tv… But switches it on regardless. He settles down to watch an hour long programme, which he falls asleep to within ten minutes. I wake him up and he toddles up to bed… Leaving the tv on. I have to follow him through the house as by now he has switched on every light in the building. I waddle behind switching everything off. I get to the bedroom to find him sound asleep with… You guessed it… The tv on! Last night I went in to find the channel on wasnt even English (do they just gaze at the pretty colours?)!

In the morning he walks down two flights of stairs to the kitchen, makes HIMSELF a coffee and walks all the way back up again to drink his coffee in bed, before getting up and going downstairs 5 minutes later… Leaving the cup behind. As a matter of principle, I only carry MY cup from the night before down. When we run out of cups, hubby spends ten minutes moaning about how I have left them all beside the bed. I stare at my empty bedside table, then at his, brimming with mugs of half drunk coffee and try to calculate how he thinks they are all mine… “Yes dear, when I’ve finished a drink, I get out of bed, walk around to your side just to try and cram another cup on your already full table!”

We have a dining table and a coffee table in our lounge, but still he puts his cups and plates on the carpet where they lay in wait of one of Aliyas gymnastic style kicks. As his milky coffee seeps into the carpet, he claims it was my cup… Despite that I don’t take milk in coffee!

He doesn’t like it when I “overfill the bin”, as taking the bin out is his only domestic responsibility. But when I tried making a point by piling the rubbish up next to the bin, he didn’t like that either!

I must give my poor hubby praise where it is due, and that is that recently he has started to do more housework, but I think that is mostly due to the fact I can’t bend or lift or hardly walk! During these mundane tasks, the poor man does ask constant questions beginning with the words “How do I…”

Gotta Love him for trying though! I wouldnt change him for the world

… besides… aren’t they all undomestic or born without logic?

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