I had heard somewhere that cats can tell when you are pregnant… Well my furry critter likes nothing more than to lay on my belly and purr her heart out. And every single time she does – without fail, the babies kick. Despite her getting kicked to pieces, she continues to lay there and purr until I get fed up of feeling like Sigourney Weaver in Aliens and throw her off.

It goes to the extent that my poor hubby has only felt the twins move a couple of times. They seem to stop every time he puts his hand on me. So Nala (our pusscat) has the solution…
They have some sort of communication bond with Nala – I wonder what she is telling them?! So on she climbs, the instant purr echoing in my ears, and then hubby has to put his hand on my belly, under the cat, in order to feel the twins move! I am starting to worry if I am going to give birth to human babies or if I’m actually having kittens?

The poor furball now gets used for “baby holding practice” too…

Hubby seems on the right path but I think Bunny may need a tiny bit more practise!


🙂 x x x


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