Throughout my pregnancy I’ve been referred to by numerous different nicknames and adjectives… mostly relating to size. As someone who has never been fat, I find this quite entertaining and a good giggle. I don’t take offense as I find it flattering to my baby bump. In fact I find it far more offensive when people say my bump is too small to be twins – its funny how some people think I’m little and others think I’m gargantuan!

I thought I’d share some of my favourites… (These are all names that I have genuinely been called over the past few months!)

Big momma
The Fat One
Fat stuff

I’ll add more to this list as I remember them/ get called them!

To my pregnant / mummy readers… What names were you called when pregnant?

🙂 Xxx

    • crazywithtwins says:

      Hehe. Mine is now enjoying taking the mick out of me for not just my size but also my inability to walk… he follows me up the stairs sighing! lol. They’d never cope if roles were reversed! x

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