So we know that the twins are both girls and our house is forever going to be a sea of pink and bathroom hogging. Hubby has announced that weddings and proms are banned unless we win the lottery (I’d have to start playing it first!) and no boyfriends until they are 30 (I’m sure he will want to escape the pink and get in the shower long before then though). Bunny is already obsessed with handbags, shoes, dresses, princesses and make-up and I’m sure the next two are likely to follow suit; especially as Bunny has vowed to teach them “EVERYTHING”!


pink baby clothes


The question that comes next is whatever shall we name them? I’ve been insisting that Aphrodite is a beautiful name for ages now but hubby thinks its just my hormones talking and that we should choose something more “sensible”. I like the idea of naming twins with names that sound nice together, names that flow – either by having similar sounds in them or starting with the same first letter. But we just can’t seem to find two names that we like enough that sound good together. Everytime we make a decision, I spend so long thinking about it that I change my mind again! We think we may finally have decided – but the names don’t sound like “twin names”. Is that important???

There are some really stupid names out there though – Did you know that “Conception” is a girls name?!

Middle names are sorted… (…and secret!). People keep asking us what the names are but experience has taught us that if you announce names before the birth, people will undoubtedly inflict their input on us; as though we werent sure about our decision. You can expect things like “Oh I don’t like that name” or “That name reminds me of a total cow I used to know” or “what about _____ instead?”. People can’t help it, everyone likes sharing their opinion, but what they don’t realise is that when you announce names – you arent asking for advice – you are trying to tell them that those names are DECIDED and no input is necessary! Once the babies are born, those judgmental people wouldnt dare tell you the names you’ve chosen are bloody awful, even if they think it, because those names have been assigned to very small, very cute, human beings!

However I can’t help this creeping feeling of what if the sonographer got it wrong? That could possibly be tragic as if I suddenly birthed a baby with meat and two veg he’d be tucked into his crib wearing nothing but his name! I think we are pretty safe though with the number of scans we’ve had. At my 32 week scan last week they told us that “neither baby has grown any appendiges”, which I am very releived about now that the Nursery is finally finished!!! 🙂 Big smiles from me on that one – I feel like we’re getting more prepared.


I’ve packed my hospital bags now too. Just a few more home improvements to go and I shall be ready. I have very few plans to leave the house between now and labour as its just TOO MUCH EFFORT!

Shopping with Dumbo…

I made the mistake of going shopping the other night (poor debit card took a hammering!) As I start to wain with tiredness of lugging my elephant-ass around, we head back to the car. Bunny suddenly announces she’s left her toy in a shop the other side of the Quay. A stupid freebie McDonalds toy no less! But my hormones can’t take tears from a 4 year old right now so we waddle back to the shopping centre. I feel like the twins are close to falling out my knickers so my waddle is very slow and Bunny runs on ahead. I get “the LOOK” from a shopkeeper for letting my daughter go ahead so I shout “I can’t go any faster, I’m in pain alright! She knows where she’s going and I can still see her!”  The woman shrugs and looks away. I’m now waddling in a foul mood like a parent scorned!

What feels like miles and hours later, but is probably only actually a few hundred yards and fifteen minutes, we are on our way back to the car AGAIN with the blooming toy in hand. As we draw level with Thorntons I realise I just can’t go any further so we sit on a bench and eat ice cream for half an hour. The lady working in Thorntons was surprised to hear I still have 4 weeks to go. “From the way you were walking I thought you were fully engaged and labouring” she said. Uh OH! Needless to say I took my shopping bags, containing yet more pink stuff, and went straight home. Since then I have only got off the sofa to get in bed!

Right now though, I am going to heave myself up and out because there is one thing more exciting than laying down doing naff all… the incentive of a roast dinner!!! mmmmmmm FOOD!

  1. Modi says:

    I’m having my second girl, only fourteen months after having my first. Ours will only be one grade apart in school. My husband says they’re living at home forever and obviously dating and bf’s are out of the question entirely, lol. Good luck to you. Ours are Annabelle and Juliette. Name decision making is challenging!

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