So here are a few of the incidents that have happened in the last week that makes me wonder if my beautiful headstrong 4yr old daughter is growing into a diva or just a mini-me?

At a Toby Carvary…

Bunny: “Why have they put a slice of lemon in my drink? I didn’t ask for lemon in my drink so why have they put it in?”

Me: “Perhaps they thought it would look pretty?”

Bunny: “Well I don’t think it looks pretty. I don’t want it and I didn’t ask for it so they shouldnt have done that without asking me!”

Hmm clearly the daughter of two pub managers! Perhaps Toby Carvary should hire her to train their staff?


Upon watching a tv show where the presenter holds up two shapes and announces them as a circle and a square…

Bunny: “He’s wrong, that shape isn’t a square. It’s a 3D shape made up of lots of squares and its called a cube. The other shape is not a circle, its a 3D shape called a sphere! I learnt that at school!!!”

Well what can I say… Me and hubby sat there open mouthed for a few minutes before telling her how clever she is. Perhaps we should write into the tv show with her corrections?!


Bunny also announced this week that she is going to swap daddy for a credit card!

I don’t think she would though… I’ve taught her that sometimes credit cards say “No” at the checkout!


Currently planning her 5th birthday party and a rather extravagant cake which may cause tears (on my part) if it goes wrong. She got ever so excited when she saw my sketches of what it should look like and all of a sudden turned back into a little sweetheart instead of the demanding bossyboots we’ve been getting to know lately…

So is she a Diva? Until she gets what she wants? Or just a mini-me? Coz let’s face it… I’m exactly the same! 🙂


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