I just had an email come through from Bounty telling me I’m 34 weeks (in case I didn’t know!). It says “Don’t forget to make time each day for some gentle exercise”… Exercise? Are they having a laugh? Don’t they know that strolling to the toilet when you’re the size of a killer whale is like running a marathon?! Walking up the stairs leaves you clutching the banister and gasping for breath. Sometimes I have to stop for a rest halfway up! So NO Bounty, I will not exercise! I’m on maternity leave for a reason, and that reason is to sit on my ass for a few weeks and do sweet FA! The nearest I plan to get to exercise is sitting on my gym ball squeezing my pelvic floor (on the rare occasion I remember), whilst stuffing my face with food and catching up on One Tree Hill!


I just got back from having a wax and I tell ya what – this far pregnant, waxing HURTS! There were moments where I had to hold my breath! Either I’m more sensitive or my pain threshold has lowered… Hopefully not the latter! However my prevailing fear of a midwife coming at my nether regions with a blunt BIC gave me the courage to get through it!

Thanks to the lovely beautician, I also now have pretty toenails! Seeing as the relationship between my hands and feet has become somewhat distant (thanks to interference from super-belly), I treated myself to a shape and polish. Feel like I’m all ready for labour now!

I’ve even packed my hospital bag! Although when they say pack snacks for energy, I’m not sure that a multipack of Boost bars and a giant bag of Fruit Pastilles was quite what the magazines meant? Perhaps I should pack some crisps too?!

🙂 Xx

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