Woke up this morning feeling like I’d been on an all night bender…

Remember those nights where you go out, drink and dance til your feet ache so bad that your shoes dessert you? You decide to walk home but end up somewhere else – a mates/coffee shop/Macdonalds, do the walk of shame in a ridiculously small skirt, shivering in the rain with no coat and your shoes in your hand. Panda eyes from sweating off your makeup last night and everyone you pass stares at you like you’ve been a REALLY bad girl! Then you find your late for work or have visitors so sleeping it off is out of the question but your whole body aches; more from all the drunken exercise you inflicted upon it, than from alcohol itself…

Well unfortunately I’ve not had a night out like that in years… Ok well since Ayia Napa last summer, but it feels like years, and there’s certainly no shivering in Ayia Napa!

However that is how I feel. Did somebody hit me round the head with a breeze block while I was sleeping? Did Ursula the sea witch come and take my voice? Did the 3 stones I’ve gained in baby weight finally anchor me down so I can’t move without a crane or winch?

No the truth is after a crazy week of sorting the house and spare room (those blasted boxes you decide never to unpack when you move house are now unpacked!)… yesterday we hosted our daughters 5th birthday party! At the pub (not stupid enough to have it in my house anymore) we had 36 children under 5 and about the same again in adults. The most important point of course, is that my little princess had a fantastic time. However it was very hard work! My friend Kerry (aka absolute godsend) and I, (ok mostly just Kerry), did all the food, party bags etc, and I put upon myself to attempt a wonky cake. Whilst utterly delicious, my icing skills are significantly flawed so I doubt I’ll attempt this again. But for my first attempt I’m quite proud…

Anyway due to actually not having been on an all night clubbing sesh, I’ve had 11 hours sleep. But all I want to do is have a good hormonal cry like only a pregnant lady knows how!

This blog post is dedicated to two of my very good friends…

Kerry (aka Absolute Godsend) – Whom without I think Bunny’s party would have either:
a) Not happened, or
b) Put me into premature labour!

Jess – the inspiration of this post… whom on many occasions of hard partying (PRE-CHILDREN & PRE-MARRIAGE) the lyrics of Country Roads were literal and pretty much our ‘anthem’ – when a hungover look said it all…
“Driving down the road I get the feeling that I should have been home yesterday… YESTERDAY!

  1. The Waiting says:

    Wow! Twins! Having just been preggo with one, I can totally appreciate what you must be going thru. And my baby was my first so I totally admire you for handling pregnancy with a five YO! Congrats and hang in there 😉

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