Just the other day I started thinking about how I’ve gotten used to this life of pregnancy. Will I miss it when I’m no longer pregnant?

I’ve gotten used to:

  • Taking my time
  • Lazing around in a towel after a long hot shower or two hour bath
  • Popping to the cinema at the last minute
  • Mosying around shops at a snails pace, looking at absolutely EVERYTHING
  • Doing sweet FA on days I don’t feel great
  • Having hubby dote on me an cook for me wen I’m tired
  • Hubby fetching me things to save me waddling in pain
  • Wearing the same slobby ugly lounge clothes for three days straight before getting changed.
  • Having days where I don’t even leave the house
  • Watching copius amounts of tv
  • Facebooking
  • Lots of attention for my enormous belly!

These are probably silly things, and now I’m terrifyingly HUGE, uncomfortable and exhausted, most of them are no longer options. All these trivial things are just part of the “me-time” I am happy to give up in order to nurture two beautiful babies, but there is one thing I’m genuinely worried about missing…

Bunny time. We have such a close bond that sometimes I forget she’s not me. She’s so much like me and even though she’s only 5, she is my best friend. She is my whole world and I never thought it possible to love someone as much as I love her. And I’m so scared that having more babies will mean we aren’t as close. That somehow our bond will be interrupted. I hope I can find enough love in my heart to love all my children equally, although at times that seems impossible… But I really don’t want to miss the closeness I have with my first born.

I guess the twins will have a bond with each other that will be beyond my comprehension and because of that, I can keep the special bond I have with Bunny without affecting the equal love balance amongst our little family. I am sure she understands that babies need lots of attention – she has expressed a keen interest in helping me change nappies and feed bottles! She’s very intelligent for a 5 year old and so excited about having two little sisters… I think she will be the best ‘big sister’ in the world!

🙂 xxx

  1. Suzanne says:

    What a lovely, lovely post. I clearly remember feeling exactly the same just before I had my 2nd baby – will there be enough love to go round? Of course it comes very naturally! Thanks for linking up to #oldiesbutgoodies

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