I wanna keep my blog readers in the loop so here’s your pre-warning…

For those of you that have seen the movie JUNO (one of my faves)… The 3 word line she screams when her waters break will form my shortest ever blog post (and FB & Twitter posts)… when the time comes!

That is when I am in full on labour and going to hospital. Or if I don’t reach that point until after induction – when it all fully kicks off, contractions are close or waters gone and close to pushing! So when you see that classic line… You know I’m about to give birth!

Seeing as I will be induced at 37 weeks and I’m only 35 weeks now, I don’t intend on doing anything to encourage labour until I pass the 36 week mark. If it happens it happens, but I want to give my little womb inhabitants a bit longer to put on some podge before I hit the pineapple!

However I think by 36+2 I will be going for a pineapple curry with added chilli and if my SPD allows, strolling to get it! This is because induction scares me. I think because the slang name for a “Stretch and Sweep” (which doesnt sound particularly pleasant in itself), is “A Scrape”. The word “Scrape” gives me shivers. It sounds like some form of sexual torture! If they could just whack me on the hormone drip, no “scraping” needed, I don’t think I’d be so terrified! The idea of them having to burst my waters for me also sounds horrendous. On ONE BORN EVERY MINUTE the women scream in agony during examination and during having their “membranes ruptured” as the midwives shove what looks like a knitting needle up their vag! If any of my lovely readers have experienced induction, or having their waters broken… Please please comment on this post and share your experience (if not too horrifying)!! lol.

I am hoping to be calm for labour but I will be honest… I am terrified of losing too much blood or something going wrong. I need to try the power of positive thinking. Let’s try it…
I HAVE done this before!
I WILL survive!
Both babies WILL be fine!
I WILL be fine!
This time WILL be quicker!
This time I WILL deliver the placentas without intervation!
Both babies WILL position themselves correctly and slide out with ease!
I WILL NOT need stitches!
This time my contractions WILL NOT stop halfway through delivery!
Both babies WILL weigh over a healthy 5lbs each!
NOBODY is going to die!

hmmm. Yeah I think I have just scared myself more!


  1. babyblueeyes04 says:

    I have been induced all four times with my babies. Three of those I’ve had my waters broken. Only once out of the three did I have an epidural the others I use a tens and G&A. I only had an epidural cause it was taking sooooo long and I hadn’t slept for two nights,it was only taking a long time as baby was in an akward position and I wasn’t dilating cause there was no pressure to help it along,but all was well and baby was born with help of ventouse. Only once having my waters broken was it uncomfortable but not enough for me to have to use G&A just more to have to concentrate on my breathing and making sure I was relaxed. Induction seems like a scary thing when its the unknown but when it comes down to it you just get on with it the same as a natural labour I suppose. Very good luck for how ever the babies decide to come. I can’t wait to see pics of the two little babes. Xx

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