Well this is it… Tonight is the night before D-Day! I won my battle against the doctors and my induction was brought forward 4 days in the best interests of my own health as well as the babies. So tomorrow I am being induced!

I was going to post my labour playlist, but I havent got around to doing it yet! (whoops) So thats a job for this evening. Will post it sometime after the birth. I WILL post the gory story of the birth with WAY TMI but that will probably come after all the cutesy picture posts of the twins!

I have to say I am absolutely overwhelmed by all the private messages, texts, Facebook posts and the odd Tweets ( http://twitter.com/crazywithtwins ) of support that I have received from so many people from close friends to new acquaintances in preparation for tomorrow. I know a lot of people were starting to realise how scared I was about childbirth. In fact I just couldnt bring myself to publish the 2nd post i wrote about how deep my fear of childbirth runs, despite having done it before. It was a true and strong account of why I was worried I wouldnt make it through birth and I couldnt seem to get past this mental block of life after birth. But something inside me has changed. Its changed since my induction date changed. Its changed since I’ve realised how many wonderful people there are backing me.

I don’t know if it’s partly to do with me sticking to my new years resolution of being nicer to people, appreciating people more and keeping my controversial opinions to myself more to prevent offending others. But since doing this, I havnt fallen out with anyone and all my friendships, near and far, seem to have built stronger foundations and I have less frustrations inside of me. Perhaps people can see that? Or perhaps those people were there for me all along but I was too busy being a bitch to notice?

I cannot begin to describe how touched I am by the people who have told me they will be thinking of me tomorrow, and despite my not being religeous, it means the world to hear from Christian friends that are offering to pray for me.

People have offered encouragement, reassuring me I can do it and I will do great
People have offered me their love, their best wishes, their thoughts.
People have offered me advice, to trust my body, to trust my instincts and to stand my ground no matter what.
People have offered me an ear to listen, a shoulder to burden with my worries and time to rant about whatever I want.

Some of these people are very close to me, and others are people I rarely see, some even that I’ve never met (Twitter) and some from a local twins club that have shared deep and emotional stories of their own to help me get through. But no matter who they are… each of their comments and messages have been equally important to me and have contributed to me being able to turn my mindset around.

So I want to thank all of you beautiful people for being who you are, for being thoughtful, for being in my life. It’s thanks to all of you that instead of going into that delivery suite fearful tomorrow, I am going in confident and excited; and I can’t thank any of you enough for that!

Wish me luck! I love you all!

🙂 xxx


PS> If you could all keep voting for me via the pink TOP 25 Circle of Moms link to the right (and up a bit) of this post while I’m in hospital, that’d be a massive emotional bonus! 🙂

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