Dear Tiny and Fluffy…

Today is the day…

The day that mummy is going to be induced and hopefully within a few hours welcome you into the world with warm cuddles and tasty breastmilk. In fact I think everyone who comes within metres of you is going to want to cuddle you because we have friends and family quite literally queueing up to meet you both!

When you do appear, whether it is today, tomorrow or the next day, mummy and daddy will give you real names and you wont be Tiny and Fluffy anymore… Although your beautiful clever big sister has insisted that Fluffy – you must have the cot on the right and the carseat and pushchair seat on the right and Tiny, you must have everything on the left. Your big sister is in charge on car journeys and those are her stipulations!

Now I know that you are both very warm and safe and cosy inside my uterus and you have really been treated well in there, but it’s time to come out and meet your family now. I’ve given you the best vitamins, minerals and omegas I could for the last 8 months. I’ve made sure you arent subjected to caffeine (except in chocolate but i bet you loved those chocolatey endorphins!) or alcohol (except the odd half of guinness once a month to give you some iron) and I’ve been careful not to stand too close to microwaves or smokers. The nice doctors even gave you steroids to give your little lungs an extra boost and I know theyv worked coz I can feel you hiccupping inside my tummy! So I’m hoping you will be nice big healthy babies when you make your appearance so that you don’t need any special care or have to leave my side.

I know it’s a lot to ask, bearing in mind the massive journey you are about to make, but it would be really spectacular if you could co-operate with me over this induction malarky?! If you could slide out nice and easily and not spend too many hours hanging around in there, that’d be great. I’d really love it if you could come out nicely and gently and not do mummy too much damage on your way out; and if you could be so kind as to make sure your placenta comes out quickly behind you both so mummy doesnt bleed to much then that would be absolutely magic! Now Tiny you have an extra job to do… once your sister has been born, I’d really appreciate if you could quickly turn around so that you come out head first like your sister. If you can do all that for mummy then that would be beyond fabulous.

Mummy, Daddy and your big sister Bunny can’t wait to meet you. We are very excited and love you both unconditionally already. So have a safe journey my little sweeties and we will see you soon on the outside!

🙂 xxx

  1. babyblueeyes04 says:

    Aaww how can they say no to that!! Wishing all three of you a very safe journey and am hoping you all get to go home together very soon. Can’t wait for those first pics! And how lucky are they to have such a wondeful big sister,Sisters rock!! Xxx babyblueeyes04

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