I feel like I’m living in hell, weak and alone, dreaming of feeling human again and being with my family, but not able to see the goal in sight.

I never knew it was possible to have a heart so full of love and yet be so full of fear. I guess this is what they call despair.

If there is a god or some higher force, please please make me and my babies better so we can be with Bunny and Hubby. All I want in the world is for our little family to be healthy and be together.

I love Bunny, Hubby, Tiny and Fluffy more than I ever dreamed possible and I just want us to be healthy and be together. Nothing else matters.

If anyone reading this has a faith, please pray for us.

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  1. goldcoastlocal says:

    I know that God loves you and he loves your beautiful children. My heart and prayers are with you My babies were miracle babies. My prayer for you is for Jesus to give you the peace that passes understanding, phillipians 4 and to fold you and your children in his healing presence, for wisdom for the medical staff and strength for you and your husband

  2. goldcoastlocal says:

    God’s love is for you and your children. My prayer for you is that he gives you the peace that passes understanding, wisdom and strategy for the medical staff and that he surrounds you and your family in his love. Psalm 139 says that he knows us and loves us before we are even born. Be blessed and strengthened beautiful mother.

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