Now I know you were expecting my next post to be about HELLP Syndrome and a continuation from The gory birth story but I’m finding it quite traumatic to write and having to write it in stages as I burst into tears when I think about what I went through.

However, as I now find myself staring at the same hospital food menu for the third time in five weeks, I thought I best write an update post on the latest developments!

So… The twins are doing fine. They are both beautiful and gaining weight at a fantastic rate. They both passed their hearing tests and both are now off the worry list for jaundice. We have all been discharged from midwife care (what little care there was!).

I WAS doing great. Out and about most days, feeling like I was on cloud nine with my gorgeous girls despite only 5 hours sleep per night. HOWEVER… Mid breastfeed this morning I felt a hot gush of blood and something large and unpleasant trying to exit my body via the Netherlands. I rang the hospital for advice and was told to go straight to A&E. I was rushed through A&E quicker than I thought possible and once they were happy I was ok I was left in a side room. I went to the toilet and it happened again. I shouted to hubby to get someone but they didn’t come. It got worse. I staggered out into the busy hub of A&E shouted “excuse me” to the nearest nurse and lifted up my curtain hospital gown. On seeing my jeans soaked in blood down to my knees (no exaggeration) they finally took notice and came running!

To cut a long story short, I was poked, prodded, examined, stabbed with needles, scanned, prodded some more, hooked up to drips, made nil by mouth and admitted to the hospital gynae ward. They say I have “retained product” in my womb. They say most likely part of a placenta, but iv been racking my brain to think what other “products” could possibly be in there if this isn’t the most likely scenario??? He says at 3x3x4 cm in dimension its small… but then he’s not being asked to pass something bigger than a golf ball out of his manhood is he!

Just to give you a giggle, the length of the incontinence pad they are making me wear is actually the same as the width of my bed and as wide as my head! So as my husband would say… I’m walking like John Wayne (I personally don’t know who that is!). And you see this dishcloth….
…Yeah its not a dishcloth… It’s supposedly a pair of pants! I will have to figure out where the hell my legs are supposed to go! If all else fails I can use it to wash up my teacup!

I have had to say goodbye to hubby, Bunny and the twins as I’m here for the night at least. Been given drugs to “expel the product” (don’t you just love medical terminology?!) But I’m nil by mouth again from midnight as if the drugs don’t work I have to have surgery in the morning (please dear body could behave for once?!)

I’m missing the twins like crazy and worried my breastmilk supply may drop while I’m in here but I hope not. My amazing mummy has rushed 2hours up the motorway to help hubby with the babes so I know between the two of them they are in good hands. I just have to get myself better for them… Again!

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