Feeling creative I had a sudden urge to make my own smoothies today… Yeah I don’t know what came over me either! However I had some blueberries that were verging on dodgy, consumption wise, some bananas going squishy and some pre-sliced apple I forgot to put in Bunny’s lunchbox last week. I’m sick of throwing fruit away as I hate waste. As a little girl my sister convinced me that food has feelings and it will be sad if you don’t eat it. Whilst a grown woman now I realise food does not in fact have feelings, but nevertheless, I feel guilt towards any food item that does not pass my lips!

The most common phrase my sister used to say was “eat the birdy”. The reason being, that I loved birdy (chicken) and would always eat all my dinner if I thought I was eating birdy (I know this sounds sick and a little barbaric but bear with me, I have a point… I think). So she’d tell me everything was birdy to get me to eat it. Now as I got a bit older I wised up to the fact that broccoli or potatoes or many other foods are actually NOT made from chicken. However by now it was too late. Food had feelings and would get lonely on the plate if I left it!

So… back to the depressed frail fruit…

I chucked the following in a blender, sieved out the bits (in the hope of persuading fussy hubby and critical 5-year-old to drink it too) and surprisingly ended up with a mighty delicious and rather cheap to make, smoothie!

cranberry juice (splash),
apple juice (splash)
orange juice (splash). 


🙂 xxx

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