For the very FIRST EVER Crazy Mums Corner, we are talking about Bad Mummy Moments (hereafter referred to as a BMM)…
We’ve all had them… Those absent minded silly moments where we’ve done something odd, or forgotten to do something for our children; and no matter how trivial, felt guilty aftwerwards!


Calling one of your children the wrong name (and if they are old enough to catch you on this, further increasing the offense by denying it!). Or, if like me you have twins and one day realise you are actually having difficulty working out which darling cherub is which!

Sending your child to school in uniform… On non uniform day

Finding out in the middle of a busy public place that your offspring decided to remove their underwear and leave it at home!

Eating all your kid’s ice creams while they are out (still trying to think up a reasonable explanation for this one)

Being the only parent not to have constructed an Olympic torch out of paper mache or cereal boxes for school (I have a free pass on this one… I was in labour with the twins!)

Sending your daughter to time out and then forgetting she’s there and/or forgetting why you put her there!

At 9pm, realising you havnt actually put your child to bed, wondering why you can’t hear them, then finding them asleep in a cardboard box!


Hearing that familiar crunching sound as you walk across your sprogs bedroom, you freeze, hoping that it’s a cheap tatty toy that you’ve undeniably just mutilated with your slipper. Then having to slip it in the bin, while she’s looking the other way, and claim you havn’t seen it.

Lying to your children about what’s in their food so they will eat it (A regular and conscious BMM).

Yes those are just a small selection of MY recent BMMs. I will undoubtedly be adding to this list as more BMMs occur!


For Julys CRAZY MUMS CORNER, I asked 10 other Mummy Bloggers what their most recent bad mummy moment was. Here are their stories…

Keaven, whom is a SAHM of two little girls and author of  This Mama Is Crazy, forgot to feed her children “They’d been snacking all day, and didnt ask for food. If’ they’re not begging, I forget!”

Twinklemummy is a “Bleary eyed, lactating, mummy to twinkles Spud & Sprout” and quite rightly justifies Bad Mummy Moments, for all the twin parents out there, by highlighting that parenting twins is a very steep learning curve. Her BMM… “I usually always take Sprout to the car first, but for some reason which doesn’t spring to mind, I took Spud first. As I’m Returning up the garden path I can see Sprout silhouetted by the window… standing ON the dining table… I’ve never moved so fast!”
Twinkle Mummy decided to take this Crazy Mums Corner theme and run with it and has blogged a whole post of  TwinkleMummys Bad Mummy Moments.

The awesomeness that is The Single Mum “Forgot we ran out of milk, my kids were crying 4 milk, thus squash + Hula Hoops at 6.30am”!  
The Single mum confesses to having needed a shortlist, on deciding which Bad Mummy Moments to submit to this post, so I couldn’t resist including another of hers… After the crisps for breakfast, her daughter broke free from the house and ran down the street stark naked in a pair of high heeled sandals!

Louise, writer of A Strong Coffee “Put middle man in the car without his shoes and forgot to pick them up! Luckily he is still in a buggy”.
Good job you didn’t forget the buggy too Louise or you’d have had to tuck him under your arm like a handbag and carry him around! 🙂

Christine AKA Queenie, a mummy of two, blogs about fashion, makeup and pretty things,  and feels her bad mummy moment is getting her three year old to entertain her little sister while she’s blogging.
(I have to admit I think I may be guilty of this one too!)

Author of Twins in London confesses to “Throwing a small cuddly toy at one twin in place of the hardback book I really wanted to throw… he laughed”.
I bet his laughing wound you up more???

Hannah, the Cupcake Mumma, “Fell asleep on sofa at 6pm for 10 mins (light sleep!) and woke up to toys, biscuit crumbs and tin foil carnage”.
Gotta love a mess when you’re tired!

Lisa writes the Diary of the Milkshake Mummy –  “I just left Tesco and forgot I hadn’t strapped in my 8month old. I turned around to see him smiling at me and it took a few seconds for me to click what was wrong and that he shouldn’t be facing forward in a rear facing car seat. Must be the heat!”

Emma at OutMUMbered writes “When pregnant, I gave my three year old the iPad most days in later pregnancy, so I could grab more sleep”. 
I bet they are a champion at Angry Birds then???

Mummer blogger who writes about her kiddies and also about Autism, Claire Sarcone, shares her BMM… “Being kept up all night by my autistic son, then when the shop keeper nods and grins asking “late night?”, I pretend I’ve had the night of my life in the west end. A big fat lie that leaves me feeling guilty as I’m not ashamed of my child”.
Of Course you aren’t Claire, but sometimes us mummys like to play make beleive too!


I think it’s safe to say that ALL mummys have BMM’s from time to time, but the important thing is to be able to laugh at yourself for it and not sweat the little things!

All these bloggers have a great sense of humour and I’d like to thank them all for sharing their BMM’s in the name of blogging entertainment, and for taking part in the first Crazy Mums Corner. Big Blog Love to you all…

Watch out for Augusts Crazy Mums Corner…

🙂 xxx

  1. Lisa watts says:

    I love this! You made me chuckle with your BMM. I do the food lie too. Yesterday I told my two and a half year old that broad beans. We’re magic Mike the Knight Beans and that he had dropped them around whilst he was having a nap. He was very excited until he tasted them and spat it back onto the plate. I also told him that Mike the Knight was coming for a sleep over to bribe him to go to sleep. He was so excited that I ended up feeling so bad, I faked a phone call in front of him from Mike’s mum and said he couldn’t make it as he was stuck in the telly! Opps. Xxx

    • crazywithtwins says:

      Haha that’s hilarious! You’ll end up having to get a magic mike costume! We had lots of fake phonecalls to Santa and Mickey mouse last year to encourage good behavior. Lol. Thanks for taking part 🙂 Xx

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