To the lady who left me my first ever nasty blog comment a few weeks ago… I did not publish your comment, but I wish I had. So I am going to blog about it because I’m STILL feeling annoyed….

You had a rant at me for not appreciating the work of NHS doctors. You called me some awful things which I don’t care to repeat…

I have never once said anything negative about any doctor, nurse, midwife or other health professional… In fact my blog posts that mention my hospital visits, do nothing but praise them. It’s thanks to them that I’m alive. I have more respect for doctors, nurses, midwives, surgeons, anaesthetists etc than people from any other profession. I am angered that you could try and make me look like I don’t appreciate the amazing work they do. You couldn’t be more wrong.

My criticism was of hospital food. Not only this, but it was a lighthearted, tongue in cheek criticism. Everyone but you, found it humorous. I’m sorry that you didn’t realise it was a joke when I mentioned them expecting me to butter my own toast in the morning. I do not have a butler, I am not a snob… It was a joke!

You told me that “Lots  of people have complications in labour, it’s not that rare, so GET OVER IT”

Well I am TRYING to get over it – that’s why I am being referred, by my health visitor, for counselling! And yes lots of people do have complications… But HELLP Syndrome is another kettle of fish. It IS very rare and I nearly died! HELLP Syndrome causes your major organs to fail – kidneys and liver, and then can progress to heart and brain. An estimated (from global research) 1 in 4 mothers die from it. So Thankyou for pointing out to the world that I am struggling to deal with my ordeal, but get your facts straight before throwing them at people!

If you don’t understand my sense of humour, or you don’t like what I write… Don’t sodding well read it! You are the first person to take a swipe at me and probably not the last, but I blog for me, and I’m not about to quit because you tell me to!

I realise its hard for people to get the full picture because I’ve been promising to blog about my HELLP Syndrome for ages and still haven’t finished writing the post… But watch this space… I aim to publish in the next few days! If you missed the first part of my birth story, you can find it by clicking here.

Thankyou to all my understanding, loyal readers, who enjoy my blog. I love you all! It makes me happy if even one person enjoys reading my blog.

🙂 xxx

  1. Kirsty says:

    Keep blogging – I love your stories! (And ignore rude people, they aren’t worth getting upset over). I’m waiting for your HELLP story because I had pre-eclampsia and HELLP but it was caught and treated early so no major complications.

    • crazywithtwins says:

      Thanks. I just think whoever it was shouldve got their facts straight before taking the time to send a long abusive message! Thankyou for commenting.

      I’m blogging the Olympics tomorrow an Monday and hoping to finish and publish my HELLP post on Tuesday. Thinkin I may have to split it into two coz its so long! This blogging malarky is just too addictive! 🙂

  2. adoptionbliss says:

    Your post has made me laugh but at the heart of it is this age old question Why? Why would you read someones blog and write nasty things about another persons heart felt experiences. I understand constructive criticism and difference of opinion but not nasty and rude. That other person is obviously the one with the problem not you. Keep up the great work you are doing writing this blog.

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