One thing I haven’t shared with my loyal blog readers, is that years ago, I used to write poetry. Now I am going to break my literary silence and share a special one with you.

Exactly eight years ago today, my very close friend from college, tragically died in a car crash. He was 18 years old and just about to start University. Jamie and I were very close. A little more than friends. I have never truly gotten over his death and friends of mine know I’ve struggled with it for years. I wrote this poem, the day after his funeral, sitting on a bench near where he was buried, in the rain, with a broken heart…

Blue Jay (For Jamie Davies)

My Blue Jay
flies a flag of freedom
through the skies.
I won’t be blue, Jay,
as your flight
brings peace
to my memories.

My Blue Jay
drops feathers of beauty
into life.
I won’t be blue, Jay,
as you glide
through my tears,
make me smile.

My Blue Jay
sings a melody of hope,
in the silence.
I won’t be blue, Jay,
as your friendship
taught me love
and dreams.

Rest in peace Jamie. I still think about you all the time.

(c) copyright Emma Day

    • crazywithtwins says:

      Thankyou. I obviously find it moving because I wrote it, but I didnt think other people would find it moving too. I’ll take it as a compliment to my writing. Thankyou for taking the time to comment. xx

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