Hello  Bounjour  Hola  Guten Tag  Ciao  Γεια σου !!!
(really hope those all say hello and aren’t actually insults)

Welcome to my shiny brand new blog. I was formerly at http://crazywithtwins.wordpress.com so if that’s who you were looking for… you’ve found me!

I’m no techie and this is my FIRST ever attempt at self hosting a blog / running a website! So, constructive criticism is welcome – but please be gentle with me and don’t just slag it off because you don’t like pink! I have three beautiful daughters who LOVE pink!… Well technically the oldest LOVES pink, the other two have pink thrust upon them until they are old enough to tell us otherwise! 🙂

Other things I LOVE when it comes to blogging…

COMMENTS – please comment on any of my posts that you liked, it makes me smile. (And apparently my smile is my best feature… is it a feature or an asset?)
If you’re a blogger I’ll even give you some comment luv!

SUBSCRIBERS – I smile even more when people subscribe to read my blog posts. I have hopefully set up several platforms for you to subscribe through (Feedburner or by email).

If you were previously one of my subscribers… Thankyou ever so muchly for your wonderful loyalty… You will need to subscribe again to this blog, but you will stop getting posts from the old one!

SOCIAL MEDIA INTERACTION – All my social media links are at the top right of my blog, so come tweet me, +1 me, pin me or FB me – I love to chat with my readers!

To celebrate the Launch of this sparkling and fluttery new blog, in the next few days, I will be launching my first ever GIVEAWAY and my first ever review too! So if you fancy winning some gorgeous and funky new baby clobber for your own sprogs or somebody elses… watch this space!

🙂 xxx

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