You know those moments where you should NOT LAUGH…

I have just discovered that I no longer need to watch TV or go on expensive day trips for entertainment. I merely need to stroll around the corner to my local convenience store, as I did last night!

There was a very cute little girl pushing her dolly round the shop in her dolly pram, she can’t have been more than about 2 years old. Her mum was a fair few metres ahead of her and didn’t once, check on her little one. Whilst her mum was busy shopping, the little sweetie decided she should do some shopping of her own… and so she did! Whilst drinking a Fruit Shoot she chose from the fridge, she filled that little dolly pram with everything her heart desired. She put a lot of thought into it, because there were a few things, that on second thoughts, she decided to put back!

Obviously I didnt see ALL of this little looters “purchases”, but I saw her again at the checkout when I was queueing a few people behind. Whilst her mummy was at the till, she went over to the freezer and helped herself to an ice cream. Then she went to the end of a giant display of Terrys Chocolate Oranges and added one of those to her collection; which also included a large novelty shaped box of Millions and a big net of chocolate coins (amongst other things).

By now her mum was in full conversation with the checkout assistant and the queue was getting a bit antsy. It’s at this point that the security guard decided to go on a break! But I could feel the corners of my mouth twitching. I could feel that quiver in my stomach. That feeling you get just before you LOL (laugh out loud). On the outside, I was calm, composed and minding my own business. On the inside I was hysterical. I had to bite my lip and turn away. The mum had NO idea as she still hadnt even looked to see where her daughter was.

I realise that this is COMPLETELY IMMORAL, but I just wanted to ROFL (roll on floor laughing). I had planned to give the security guard a wink, but he was nowhere to be seen and the shop assistant standing right by them didnt seem to care. So who was I to shatter a 2 year old shopoholics dreams? Aside from which – it’s not legally theft until she leaves the building!

It was at that point that the little girl decided to head for the door, just as “Daddy!” walks in. She proudly shows her daddy all her wonderful goodies… So what does he do???…

… Well he ushers her out the door of course!

I then realise that the shop assistant and the mum are on first name terms and clearly know each other very well. All other shop assistants have disappeared from sight. So I couldnt have alerted them even if I wanted to! Aside from which, I felt a little intimidated (you know the sterotypically SCARY looking parents).

Whilst utterly GOBSMACKED, I couldnt help but feel mildly amused by the whole thing and I now have doubts about the neighbourhood I live in!

…Yes I know you are probably thing that I am a bad person for not alerting someone. A BMM (Bad Mummy Moment) on my part… but the little tike was JUST TOO CUTE!

🙂 xxx

  1. Corrine Shimmon says:

    That was very cute of the little girl, but anything could’ve happened to her and her mum would’ve had no idea! Really worrying.

  2. Angela says:

    One very cute little girl who was just copying her mummy, one very Pre occupied mummy who should have had one eye on her child at all times and tut tut tut to her daddy 😉
    Great story x
    Angela recently posted..#silentsundayMy Profile

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