Woohoo! I’m a Rainbow Awards Toy Tester! 🙂

This makes me happy and it makes Bunny even happier!

The first toy we were sent to test was a box of Triqo building blocks. Triqo is a construction toy made up of triangles and squares that pop together (literally just like poppers) to build an endless possibility of things. Our pack contained 100 pieces. They are brightly coloured and really let you use your creativity.

My princess-loving 5 year old chose to build a castle…

… And I built her a crown! (hmm…yes she’s better at this than me. My creativity somewhat lacks imagination!)

At first, she struggled a little with clipping the poppers together, but once I showed her the knack (line up the edges, and where to put her fingers), she was away!

The good thing about the Triqo is it really encourages teamwork and positive interaction. It’s actually a fun (and admittedly slightly addictive) toy for adults to play with when the kids are in bed get involved with. My daughter being only 5, did need a little help with which pieces to clip where, in order to build the things she thought up; but I don’t see that as any negative thing. Children love to have their parents play with them and it encourages sharing too.

The following morning she ran down the stairs and carried on playing with it. Due to her learning about 3D shapes at school she was keen to build a Pyramid, and she found it interesting using 2D shapes to build a 3D shape.

She continued to build a variety of things, including a swing for her dolly and a house for her dolly. I think it’s great that she’s building things and then incorporating it into play with her other toys.

I was quite impressed with the Triqo for a few reasons. Firstly, unlike more solid brick-like constructions toys, these are flat, so they don’t take up as much storage space. You can still buy extension packs and extra pieces if you want to build really big things!

There wasn’t too much packaging which I always think is a plus, and the box is nice and sturdy to keep the pieces in for storing.

Bunny really enjoyed playing with this toy and has gone back to it again and again since it arrived. I can imagine it will grow with her as she will think up more things to build with it, as her imagination develops.

Initially I was very careful handling the pieces and was cautious over being too rough with the pieces and breaking them. However I quickly found out that the pieces are lot stronger and more durable than I had first thought (great as I have a habit of accidentally stepping on toys!). The fact that there are 100 pieces in the pack also makes it very good value for money.

Triqo Building Blocks are suitable for boys or girls and come in packs of 50 pieces, 100 pieces and (I beleive) 200 pieces. The 50 piece starter box is sold for around £14.99 (as found on Google Shopping pages).

Disclaimer: I was sent this toy free of charge to test for the 2012 Rainbow Toy Awards, however I was not asked to review it and chose to do so of my own free will. All opinions are entirely my own and I have not been influenced in any way, by any brand, company or individual.

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