Pregnancy and Maternity leave are making me lazy! (official understatement of 2012). The reason being… I love spending time with my children but forget to do anything for myself.

Therefore I think it’s about time I set myself some goals. Whilst I’d love to say…

“I’m going to be a yummy mummy with a flat tummy, muscles like superman and I will work out everyday. I’ll do my makeup and hair, make sure the rules are always fair and be the number one mum. My house will be immaculate, I’ll never eat chocolate and dinner will be early and nutricious. My kids will eat their 5 a day, go to bed on time, well behaved and be top of their class.”

… hmm yeah GET REAL!

The theory behind “New Month New Me” is to set small goals to work towards. These goals can be anything – from personal appearance, to household chores, to weightloss, to raising the kids.

My goals for October are (baby steps Em, baby steps!):

Make the effort to wear make-up at least once a week
Get dressed PROPERLY instead of just putting clothes on top of my pyjamas!
Do some form of exercise twice a week – tummy toning & muscle building
Cleanse tone & moisturise every night
Go to bed BEFORE midnight

Do dinner stupidly early – so it’s ready reasonably early!
Make sure there are at least 2 vegetables with every meal (and not peas and sweetcorn from the freezer everyday – it’s getting boring!)
Make sure Bunny gets ALL of her 5 a day!

Avoid the computer (and mobile web) between 2pm-8pm  (it’s too much of a day-suck)
Cross off something from my 30 before 30 list
Try something new

Figure out how to turn the above picture into a badge!
Improve blogroll (and see if anyone loves me enough to put me on theirs?!)
Create a crazywithtwins badge
Get sponsored for a BritMums Live 2013 ticket!

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