Since having HELLP Syndrome and Pre-Eclampsia, I’ve been interested in doing what I can to raise awareness and also find out about research projects in the UK. I came across an organisation called UKNeS (National Maternal Near-Miss Surveillance Programme) whom investigate maternal “near miss” (women who almost die during pregnancy, childbirth or shortly after as a result of child-bearing).

In conjunction with UKOSS (UK Obstetric Surveillance Systems), UKNeS research all sorts of birth complications, including HELLP Syndrome, Pre-Eclampsia, Sepsis, Placenta Praevia, Placenta Accreta / Increta / Percreta, Post Partum Haemorrhage and many other contributors to maternal death. They also look at mothers postnatal follow-up care, how fathers and families deal with the trauma of a maternal near miss, They research symptoms, diagnoses, what happens in emergencies and emotional recovery; including future pregnancies and those who have had a hysterectomy or been advised not to have more children. Another aspect of their studies are from nurses, doctors and midwives points of view, patient care, and the hospital experience. I could go on but a) I don’t want to get anything wrong! and b) UKNeS do a LOT (so I’d be here all day)!

Having contacted UKNeS to see if I could help with any of their research, I was invited to become an advisory group member.

Last week I went to my first UKNeS advisory members annual meeting. I was thrilled to be involved. I’m not sure how much help my input was, but I offered my experiences and my thoughts to the discussion. I found it all hugely interesting and wish I could be even more involved (I’d love to actually do something helpful!) My lack of sleep the night before did mean that there were times where I got lost in their articulate discussions, but I tried my best to keep up! I am looking forward to taking part in some of their research.

Where do you come into this???

UKNeS is currently operating a pilot study into women’s experiences of childbirth and how they are affected in the long term after giving birth. They need as many women as possible to take part. We are not just looking for people who have had complicated births, but all manner of births – as long as you gave birth in Britain. C-section, assisted delivery, home birth, the good, the bad & the ugly. Whether your birth was a dream come true, a nightmare, or rather average, you can contribute to medical research just by filling in a simple questionnaire.

The Questionnaire

The questionnaire is accompanied by an information leaflet explaining what is being researched, why the information is needed and how it will be used. It also explains how you can see the results – if you choose to.

Your responses are completely CONFIDENTIAL. I will not see them, I am purely finding people to take part. A researcher will email you the questionnaire which on completion, you will send directly to them. Only the research team will see your answers and you do not have to include any identifiable information.

Most of the questionnaire is multiple choice but there are spaces for additional comments. I have taken part and the questionnaire took me about ten minutes to complete.

UKNeS need quite a large sample of volunteers for the pilot study. I’m sure all you mummas will agree, that even if your birth was smooth sailing, anything we can do to help improve health services for those whose births aren’t so great, is worthwhile!

If you are willing to take part. Please Tweet or Facebook me your email address, so that the researchers can get in touch with you and send you the questionnaire.

Alternatively use the contact form below so I can forward it on.

🙂 xxx

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