You may recognise this photo, I use it all the time (including in my header), as it is my absolute favourite. My husband and I aren’t in this photo, but I remember the smile on his face when I took it. He was sitting on the sofa messing about with the kids. I didn’t have a good photo of the three girls together, so I took a photo to capture that happiness in time. It made me think about the journey we’d taken, the journey where “I” became “we”…

We became Five

I met a man at a carnival,
when I was young and carefree.
I fell head over heels,
and I became WE.

We had our ups and downs,
but everyone could see…
he was my soul mate,
and WE became THREE.

Our daughter was our universe,
beautiful and loving.
She would smile,
and the world would sing.

There were good times and bad,
fun times and strife;
but on the island of love,
my man made me his wife.

We were feeling so blessed,
when my childhood dream came true.
I was pregnant again,
and this time there were TWO.

I told my husband I was afraid,
that I wouldn’t have enough love to go around;
but then I gave birth to the twins,
and love rose up from the ground.

With complications giving birth,
there was a chance I could die.
My organs were shutting down,
while we all had a cry.

Together we got through,
I’m here blogging the tale.
my glorious family and I,
are only just setting sail.

Never have I felt so in love,
so happy and so alive;
than when I became WE,
and WE became FIVE.

please note: I make NO apology for the cheesiness of this post. I love my family.

This blog post has been written as an entry into the Tots100 competition in association with Boots Mother and Baby

  1. Makeshift Mummy says:

    I love it what a beautiful way to summarize your story and your personality. I will be reading more from now on and catching up on past posts 😉 What a glorious family you have and I hope to find my soul mate some day 🙂 Take care, Kate aka Makeshift Mummy xx

    • CrazyWithTwins says:

      What a lovely comment. Thankyou for putting a smile on my face. Hope to see many more comments from you in the future then. I have thoroughly checked your blog out too and subsribed! 🙂 Good luck with the soul-mate search. xx

    • CrazyWithTwins says:

      Thanks for your comment – poetry is great isn’t it. Tweet me any time you post any poetry of short stories – I write the Literary round-up’s for Britmums. Heading over to your blog now! xx

  2. Suzanne says:

    And so you should be proud – it’s gorgeous and that photo is absolutely beautiful 🙂 Thanks for linking up to Oldies but Goodies as always x

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