I made THIS…

…which grew into THIS…

Having got that right, I then made THIS…



I have always enjoyed making things, and who can deny it… making babies is most certainly fun! Making babies is also the most rewarding thing a person will ever make. You all know, I love mine from head to toe. The “I made this” feeling, is all of those moments, when your children make you proud and you beam from ear to ear; feeling like there is a neon sign glowing above your head.

For the “I made this” meme competition by Mellow Mummy, I realised I should think of some other things I had made, besides my beautiful children. I’m not really a blow-my-own-horn kind of person and lately I’ve not had much time to get crafty. I can’t look around my house and see homemade little trinkets and decor on every wall, like some genius crafters I could mention. There aren’t any in my house. Of most things I have made in my life, there are always people who have made them better, but what is important, is that I personally, take pride in the little things I have made!

So instead of one majorly spectacular, mind-blowing creative invention… I am going to briefly mention a few of the things I’ve tried my hand at in recent years…

Poetry… I have a collection of over 200 poems I have written. I am immensely proud of these and hope to get them published one day. One in fact has already been published… in The Poetry Collection, edited by Martyn Churchouse & Deborah May.

Birthday cakes…

Stationary… I made my own wedding invitations and my daughter’s naming ceremony invitations and programme.

When I was a little girl I made all sorts of things. My awesome mummy ran an after school craft club in her kitchen, every week, for me and three friends. We did everything from baking, to decoupage, quilling, flower arranging, paper flowers, beads, melon seed necklaces, plaster of paris models… you name it, we made it!

…and just last week I made some gorgeous prints on vests for my girls… (pic coming soon – technical issue – sorry!)

I’m not TOOOO shoddy at taking a photograph and I’m really proud that I made this blog, even though I’m still learning. This is my outlet, my expression and my diary for life that I will certainly show the girls when they are bigger.

So we are back to my girls – My Pride and Joy!
Can you believe it… I made these!!! *beams happily*

🙂 xxx

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