Bloggers, especially parent bloggers, are super busy people. I know because I am one. Writing posts is only a tiny part of blogging. Promoting your blog, watermarking photos, joining memes/linkys/blog hops, comping, guest posting, designing layout, editing photos and videos, SEO, liaising with brands… I could go on but I’m sure you get the picture.

However, my nerves are starting to grate a little, by well established bloggers who don’t seem to appreciate their readers or give a damn about courtesy. I would like to think that I blog with etiquette…

I read at LEAST ten other blogs per day & I love finding newbies.

If I identify with a post, enjoy reading or it gets a reaction out of me, I always comment. (There are some blogs I can’t due to browser issues – sorry about that). I comment because I love receiving comments myself.

When someone comments on my blog it makes me smile. I may not reply straight away but I try my best to reply to all comments. I think this shows my appreciation for someone taking the time, thoughtfulness and care to comment. If I have the time and the commenter also has a blog – I have a read of theirs. I don’t even mind when other bloggers pimp their links in my comments. I even offer comment luv to enable them to do so.

I’ve discovered the reason I lose so much of my time to Twitter… I always try to reply, favourite or retweet as many of the tweets I get, as possible. I also try to follow back as many as possible. I hit that favourite button (and the G+ button on G+) as often as the like button on Facebook. I am a liking, plussing, favouriting, commenting, tweeting nutjob!

On Klout if someone gives me +K I try to give some Klout back.

I don’t want to just be a “broadcaster”. I want to engage people. Inspire and positively provoke.

I don’t write sponsored posts and I limit my reviews… Because whilst my blog is primarily for myself, I have a lot more loyal readers than I ever imagined I’d get, and I don’t want to bore them.

One of my fave blogs now posts 2 sponsored posts and a review for every personal post… It’s boring. I don’t read that blog anymore. One or two RELEVANT sponsored posts and they’d have kept me as a reader.

All the above are things I consider to show some blogging courtesy.

It really gets my goat when I repeatedly comment on a blog and tweet the blogger and get no reply. Ever. It makes me feel that I’m not valued as a reader. You know what – if you don’t like me, block me on Twitter and I’ll get the message!

So… Thankyou SO much to those of you who take the time out of your hectic day to read my blog. Thankyou even more to those who have the compassion to comment and reply to my comments on your blog. Thankyou to those who get involved in linkies and promote competitions or giveaways. Thankyou to all my amazing friends on Twitter, Facebook and G+. All those simple things you do, make my day.

To those who ignore your commenters and subscribers… What was your name again?

🙂 xxx

  1. Louise Lloyd says:

    Do you know I have been thinking the same thing for a while! I always try to comment on as many blogs as I visit as I think it’s do important! I always try to visit back those that have commented for me (although it can sometimes take a few days!!) but I so get particularly annoyed as there is a certain blogger I comment on and she has literally never replied or returned a comment on my blog. Makes me stop commenting on hers but I doubt it’s noticed!!

    • CrazyWithTwins says:

      Louise that is EXACTLY what I’m talking about! I bet you the blogger you are talking about has a huge ego about their blog too. We are all proud of our blogs but there’s no need to snub others – Loyalty is important. xx

  2. Bex @ The Mummy Adventure says:

    I know exactly what you mean. Some people are friendly, others seem to have their own cliques already. I don’t mind reading relevant reviews or sponsored posts that are well written but I like to see unique content too. I always try and respond to every comment and every tweet too. Make sure you find the people that respond to you and ignore the rest x
    Bex @ The Mummy Adventure recently posted..Barcelona with a ToddlerMy Profile

    • CrazyWithTwins says:

      I’ve seen some sponsored posts that are completely irrelevant to the blog hosting them and thought “what the f?”. I think I shall definitely take your advice and stop wasting my time and comments on those who don’t appreciate them. Xx

  3. Crystal Jigsaw says:

    I’ve not been a good blogger recently as I’m busy writing a book but it is manners to at least reply to comments and/or visit a blog once in a while. I used to do it constantly but just haven’t got the time right now. I think it’s becoming an issue with many people because of this concept that folk have, “I blog for me” rubbish. No one blogs just for themselves. If they do, what’s the point in publishing online? We all like and appreciate comments. All of us. Even me who’s been blogging for years. I’ve been that blogger who trawls through dozens of blogs every friggin day, has a huge blog roll which I scroll through regularly yet only a handful come back to me. I’ve given up moaning about it now because people seem to have this excuse that they can’t comment as they’re using a phone or have a child in one arm and a baby in the other. Fine. But don’t expect a flurry of comments on your blog if you’re not prepared to visit and comment on others.

    CJ x
    Crystal Jigsaw recently posted..Beauty at its BestMy Profile

    • CrazyWithTwins says:

      I can understand the “I blog for me” concept because that is exactly what I do. When I first started my blog, I had no idea that people outside of my family and friends would want to read it. I chose to blog as an outlet, instead of a diary – so it would always be here. So my children can read it when they are older. It also stopped me from updating my facebook status every 5 minutes. But now that I do have readers, I’m flattered. I had no idea about this whole blogging community. I still blog what I want to blog though and would never alter the content of my posts just to please other people. But now I know about this whole community, I think the people who are in it, could at least be courteous to each other. I appreciate it’s not always possible to reply to EVERY comment on Tweet but my issue is with the more established bloggers who NEVER reply due to their ego.

      You regularly comment on my blog and you know that I really appreciate it and I visit yours too as often as I can. xx

      • Crystal Jigsaw says:

        I guess, in a way, I blog a bit for me too, now, though for a long time I did blog purely for an audience – not to sound arrogant or anything but I was just trying to promote my writing through my blog. Now I publish posts that I want to publish, rather than publishing ones I feel will bring in the comments and page views, though obviously that is a welcome bonus. But being a writer, I will always blog for my readers; that’s just what I do as an author so I guess it follows through in my blog, too.

        You’re right, people could be more courteous. Over the last 5 years of blogging I’ve joined in dozens and dozens of hops and linkys and I’ll be very honest with you, I’ve found the best bloggers to return the courtesy have been American ones. I don’t join in US blog hops these days as haven’t got time, but I do still join linkys occasionally from our parent blogging community. However, one linky I joined in on once found me scrolling through 75 blogs in one day, leaving a comment on each, and one person out of all those commented on mine. I have to say I was a bit disheartened at that even if I shouldn’t have been. I know it’s not about reciprocation of comments and visits, but it really does make a difference to a blogger.
        Crystal Jigsaw recently posted..It’s hard not to judge sometimes…My Profile

  4. Natalie says:

    When I first started blogging I tiptoed with commenting, then thought that if I enjoyed something, what was the harm in telling the author that I enjoyed it? 99% of the time I got a positive reaction, a tweet of thanks, a comment back, a ‘welcome to the world of blogging, can I help?’
    Then there was a select few more established bloggers who just ignored me. Now, I don’t give to receive. I don’t even mind being ignored at first. But when I make it known I enjoy their work and take the time to comment or tweet to their questions etc etc I’d appreciate even a ‘hey, you’re that Nat person!’ after 6 months… I do my best to try and ignore the cliques, it’s all very playground politics to me and I’d much rather spend my time and effort on friendly people who make the community so warm and inviting.
    Having taken up so much of your comment space, I’ll shut up now… all I’ll say is: Don’t get me started on review posts. xxx
    Natalie recently posted..Listography: Top 5 Things I’d Like to be Reincarnated AsMy Profile

    • CrazyWithTwins says:

      Lol. Well I’ve just had a rant about breastfeeding so feel free to get started on that one with your thoughts too! lol. You can use as much of my comment space as you like. You’ve summed it all up for me. I couldn’t have said it better myself! (In fact your comment may just be better than my blog post! bitch! lol). PS. you are not a bitch, that was a joke. You are lovely! xx

  5. Lady Briggs says:

    Engaging with other bloggers is all part of blogging in my opinion. If you can’t be bothered to be par of the community (the broader one, not just your little clique) then why blog in the first place? Well said!
    Lady Briggs recently posted..Silent Sunday – 21st OctoberMy Profile

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