Wot So Funee?

The funny things Bunny has said (or written) lately:

On deciding what she’d like from the Chinese takeaway, she made a list:

Her shopping list for a “midnight feast” (NOT actually at midnight obviously):


About school…
Me:What did you do at school today?”
Bunny:Nothing it was boring. It was lots of boring writing about the holidays!”
Me:So which part of the holidays did you write about?”
Bunny:I didnt! I just played with my chair until playtime”
Me:That sounds a bit naughty?”
Bunny:I told them… I DON’T DO BORING THINGS!”

Bunny: “I got a house point for doing something really good at school today!”
Me: “Well done darling, so what was that then?”
Bunny: “I can’t remember, It’s fallen out of my head!”

About a boy at school…
“He is such an annoyable!”

On sharing…
“Would you care for a marshmallow?”
(care for? How did I raise little miss posh?)

“That is splendid” (I didn’t realise people still used the word ‘Splendid’?!)

Bunny: “How about we have sausage and bollocks pie for dinner?”
*lady stacking shelves in Tesco’s starts sniggering*
Me & Jonny: “WHAT?” *We start sniggering*
Bunny: “Bollocks, Bollocks, Bollocks!”

After her book bag falls out the car door…
“Oh Shit!” (oh shit indeed!)

In the car…
“Eddy The Eagle came to visit us at school today. He’s really old and was born when there were still dinosaurs!
*pause*….He’s almost as old as Daddy!”

When angry…
“I hate this HOUSE!”

On boyfriends…
“Nobody wants to marry me!” *cue pathetic hormonal tears from mummy*

On boyfriends again…
Me: “Who is your boyfriend this week?”
Bunny: *arms out by sides, palms facing upwards in a shrug* 
    “I just can’t decide… there are just SO many boys that love me!”

At school in front of me AND her teacher during a serious discussion about phonics…
*hands on hips, swings pelvis round in circular motion*  *SINGING VERY LOUDLY*… “I’M SEXY AND I KNOW IT!”

Please note: she does not get the last one from me! *blushes*


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    • CrazyWithTwins says:

      Thanks. She makes us giggle at least once a day! And once we giggle, she repeats it over and over expecting the same reaction!

      The last one she actually does on a regular basis but it is always funniest when she picks serious moments to do it! 🙂

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