When I was little, I thought it was silly when my Gran referred to teeth as “toothy pegs” and feet as “tootsies”… but now…


The word “feet” just doesn’t sound cute enough for gorgeous little baby feet and tiny toes. I don’t know about you but I’ve never been a foot fan. Feet are gross. Baby feet, however, are the cutest thing ever and I love kissing their little feet. I have found myself calling them tootsies, because it sounds cuter than manky old “feet”.

Really Tiny Tootsies

The babies laugh if I pretend their feet are a telephone, talking into one and listening to the other! I used to do this with Bunny too. (There’s a reason they call me “Crazy”).

The Twins First Shoes

And “toothy pegs”, were teeth. I have a dental phobia and avoid the dentist like the plague. In fact… I don’t even have one, which I’m going to have to bite the bullet and confront! (Did you like my pun there?)  So again, “teeth” is not a cute word for me. As a result, I have also reverted to calling them “toothy pegs”.

The twins first toothy pegs came through on 12th October without any warning. No crying. No dribbling. No whinging. No nappy rash. Nothing. Just that day, when I went to breastfeed, I felt something hard and sharp. I looked in Fluffy’s mouth and there they were… not one, but TWO teeth. I quickly checked Tiny and sure enough she had a tooth too! However, now we are all toothy pegs, the premiership dribbling has begun!

“Please show us your toothy pegs, Fluffy?”

“Here they are!”

Fluffy’s first toothy-pegs!

For the record, I’m not being “Twinist” by just publishing photo’s of Fluffy’s toothy pegs. Tiny declined to be photographed today. Naptime was more favourable.

Do you use the words “Toothy pegs” or “Tootsies”? Do you have any other weird names for teeth or feet?

🙂 xxx

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