What do you do on Hallows Eve?

My plan is this:

Pick Bunny up from school
Shut all the curtains
Turn out all the lights at the front of the house
…and hide!

That’s right, I will be pretending I’m not home!

I did the whole trick or treat thing once. I lovingly carved two pumpkins and I shopped for a variety of treats. I waited excitedly by the door for little cuties in scary outfits to timidly knock on my door and squeak “trick or treat”, in a tiny adorable little voice, while their parents stood proudly by their side.

Is that what happened? NO! Admittedly there were a few little cuties who were polite and said thankyou. But the whole experience for me was ruined by boys who were probably about 10 years old. They came alone. No parents. It was a collusion. One acted polite. Once the bowl of sweets was within reach, three boys ran at me full force from their hiding place around the corner. They nearly knocked me over as they snatched fistfuls of sweets from my bowl. As quickly as they came, they were gone. I was left standing there with an empty sweet bowl, feeling quite honestly, a little shaken and quite upset.  Is this what they call “Trick”? Because I thought nastiness was only supposed to come if you refused treats. I offered treats and they stole the whole lot.

As a result I have reverted to my old ways… pretending I’m not home!

The Jonny has carved a pumpkin for Bunny, which he is rightfully very proud of. I plan to buy some party food and play “Just Dance” on the Wii, by pumpkin light, with Bunny. She will undoubtedly dress in one of her many outfits and I will paint our faces. A cosy little secret halloween, just me and my little girl.

Happy Halloween!

🙂 xxx

  1. Suzanne says:

    I am with you on this – not a fan of Halloween at all. It’s a shame that some kids and teenagers ruin the fun for others….my Mum has had a very scary situation in the past and even when she puts a note on the door saying ‘no trick or treaters’ they ignore it and still bang on the door 🙁
    Suzanne recently posted..Halloween – what’s it all about?My Profile

  2. Foz says:

    I’m the same. Sign up and all lights switched off. We’ve had intimidating teenagers asking for money instead in the past. Since then the sign goes up as I don’t celebrate Halloween anyway!

  3. Katie Clark says:

    I know exactly what you mean. We dress up and have tonight been to a party – we’ll probably host one ourselves next year but we don’t answer the door to trick or treaters, nor will my son be going trick or treating when he’s older. We get very few anyway, being in the corner of a road, but when we do it tends to be teenagers who often don’t even bother to dress up, let alone have a ‘trick’ for you! In what other situation would demanding with menaces be ok?! I don’t answer the door to the older ones because I’m intimidated and to the younger ones, I would feel so terrible saying no to children who had spent ages get ready and dressed up, so we just hide! Tonight though, I haven’t even turned the lights off. I’m just sitting on the couch in the front room with a glass of red, ready to ignore! The curtains are shut but I’m sure the light is visible – hope we’re not egged!
    Katie Clark recently posted..Pumpkin fun for young childrenMy Profile

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