I posted a few days ago about putting Bunny on “Time-out”. My thoughts are, that in addition to HUGE amounts of love, children also need an amount of structure and discipline in their lives. They thrive off it. To me discipline isn’t just teaching them to learn from bad behaviour, but also rewarding them for good deeds and kind behaviour (I was a Brownie and a girl guide… can you tell?!)

My daughter’s behavioural issues only really come into play during term time (I’ll save the reasons why for another post). So last term we made a behaviour chart, but we didn’t really stick to it, it didn’t have enough of a structure to it and it soon got ripped after falling off the wall. So I was thrilled when the cutesy polar bear from Cool Rewards sent me a rewards pack to test out, including a rewards chart (much better than our pathetic attempt at one!). The cuddly critter also sent me wristbands, bookmarks, certificates, hundreds of stickers and some actual rewards to use with Bunny (useful things like pens, rubbers, pencils etc).

This warm-hearted furry mammal’s generosity does not stop with Bunny though… he is also giving away a huge bundle of Cool Rewards to one lucky reader of mine! So keep reading…

You can pick any tasks you want to go on your reward chart; so these are the tasks we have picked to reward first:

Poor Bunny has no toilet manners! Despite CONSTANT reminders, she never remembers to wipe, flush and wash her hands. So hopefully the rewards chart will help her remember!

By “Good Behaviour”, we mean both at school and at home. We want to get out of the habit of using timeout every day! Therefore if she avoids timeout, she gets a sticker.

The good thing about the rewards chart is you can set how many stickers your child needs to earn before getting a prize and there is even a box to specify what prize they can earn! To help with her reading and her maths, we are getting bunny to work out where her stickers go and how many she needs before she gets her prize.

The full range of Cool Rewards can be found at http://www.coolrewards.co.uk . They are currently offering a FREE “First Aid Rewards Kit” to everyone who fills in the contact form on their website! Can’t get much better than that!

They also work with schools, so if you think your childs school may be interested, please get in touch with them!

So… would you like to win over £50 worth of Cool Rewards??? Here is what you could win…

Here’s what you could win…

Mixed Rewards Sticker Pad x738
Mixed Motivation Sticker Pad x288
Reward Charts and Smiles Stickers x4
Mixed Bookmarks x8
4 Mixed Packs of Fun Purple Peach Stickers
Reward and Motivation Stamps x6
Maze Pens x6
Mixed Pack of 60 Wristbands
Mixed Pack of 12 Fun Pencils
Mixed Mini Erasers x30
Pack of 25 Mixed Certificates

Enter the giveaway using the options below on the Rafflecopter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Don’t forget to hug the polar bear (or shake his paw at least!)

So we are off to work on our hand washing and vegetable eating (in that order), but will post about our reward chart again in a week or so to tell you how we got on. I will also share with you some tips from the cuddly polar bear himself, on how to use Cool Rewards with your children.

PS. I am aware that Cool Rewards isn’t actually run by a Polar Bear!
PPS. You try looking at their profile picture without going “AWWWWWWW” and wanting a cuddle!

Disclaimer: I have not received any payment for this post, although I was given some items from Cool Rewards to review. The prize for the giveaway is also being provided by www.coolrewards.co.uk I blog with integrity and all views and opinions are completely honest, entirely my own, and not influenced by any company, brand or individual.

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    • MummyOfSeven says:

      Oops, I hit ‘post’ too soon!

      The naughtiest thing that Bubble ever did was to escape from the house and make it to school under his own steam! Dangerous, naughty, but rather clever. The dangers were pointed out to him but his only response was, “I got there, didn’t I?”
      Dreadful child 😉
      MummyOfSeven recently posted..New Month. New Start?My Profile

  1. Michelle Willis says:

    I agree with you when it comes to discipline and structure. It’s really important to be positive and to have a nice time at bed time so neither of us go to bed stewing. I’d love to win the reward chart because ours is being ruined!
    Michelle Willis recently posted..Flower’s Home.My Profile

  2. Elaine Livingstone says:

    the naughtiest think…gosh with 5 kids who were not perfect there are quite a few but one that sticks out was when my son was 9 he sat in class pulled his calculator to pieces and ate the buttons ( as you do!!) he got a punishment exercise for doing it, but refused to do the punishment as “it was my calculator I can eat it of I want”
    SO i said to him “thats fine hand me your punishment and I will sign it saying you refuse to do it” He then did it – thought I would argue with him I think….
    Elaine Livingstone recently posted..Project 366 308/366My Profile

  3. Jo welsh says:

    Has to be when she emptied the dried macaroni on the floor and then when I was clearing that up she emptied the rice on floor!!

  4. Tiffany Oconnell says:

    I have 4 children they have all done some shocking things in the past but the one thing that springs to mind is when my youngest son who is 5 cut off my daughter’s hair on one side! she was 2 at the time and happily went along with it. Luckily i caught him before he cut off all her hair, it has taken months to grow back and still isn’t right.


  5. natalie holland says:

    Both boys got a tube of deep heat and squeezed the tube out all over the living room – including on our brand new TV!!! Luckily the tv was ok, but I was pretty furious. Although, I think they were more shocked, I don’t think they really realised it was that wrong until they saw my face!

  6. Lucy robinson says:

    Too many to mention. One was when I was pregnant with my son I had really bad morning sickness. My daughter decided to colour in our cream sofa!

  7. Emily says:

    When my son was 2 he found the permanent marker and used it to scribble over his cotbed, toy box and thomas clock. We couldn’t tell him off too much as I think he was too young to realise what he was doing, and it was my fault for leaving it where he could find it, but I wasn’t happy!

  8. anna says:

    these look good, we have used reward charts from time to time and find it can be quite helpful!
    the naughtiest thing one of mine keeps doing at the moment is the minute my back is turned he always pours milk or juice everywhere! gets quite annoying as so much to clean!!

  9. Carolin says:

    Hard to say, he isnt really super naughty but he of course has many little moments being a nearly 3 year old. I think pulling my cats tail was very bad, especially because we told him not to and the cat cried very loud 🙁

  10. Nicola Reynolds says:

    The naughtiest thing my son has done was to empty a full container of Talc all over my room as well as covering my dressing table in body lotion!

  11. Lucy Dorrington says:

    When we got our brand new house, it coincided with my son reaching the ‘devastation with crayons’ phase. As much as I tried to keep an eye on him, he did manage to create a fairly impressive art installation on his bedroom wall. It was so bad, I had to rearrange all the furniture to cover it up!

  12. gwendipops@yahoo.co.uk says:

    My youngest son stole a 4 pint carton of milk out of the fridge, took it in his room and drank it all. He was sick all over the floor!

  13. Hilda hazel Wright says:

    The naughtiest thing my child has done is to get his girlfriend pregnant and have a baby before they’d even got a stable relationship, then to split up and do exactly the same thing all over again. I’m glad I just had one child.

  14. SARAH LAMBERT says:

    I have 2 children a Girl and a Boy,Ive never had my daughter do anything naughty as such except she back chats alot,But unfortunatly my son has been naughty especially at school.He once blocked the toilet at nursery and it overflowed,He has drawn on the walls at school,Pushed little girls over and pushed books behind the radiators :{

  15. Sam says:

    My son has development delays so this would be so helpful going forward. The naughtiest thing he’s done is crayon all over the wall but he’d never been bothered about holding crayons before so we were very happy about this 🙂 – after all, it washes off.

  16. Vicky Robinson says:

    I have 8 kids so I wouldn’t know where to start! They have all done some naughty stuff that we have had to deal with! The most annoying one is writing on the wall in biro or pink highlighter as it won’t come off & I have to redecorate!

  17. Emma Bradshaw says:

    My youngest recently scribbled on my newly painted white wall! Totally out of character but she is only 22 months so couldn’t really punish her too much!

  18. Donna Lawton says:

    The naughtiest thing my little one has ever done is also kind of not!

    I came in the room to see here scribbling all over her new boots (age 3). I naturally hit the roof and left the room to calm down.

    She came in to the kitchen in tears and said “Mummy, I just didn’t want the other children to have them”.

    She’d seen me writing her name on the inside of her new wellies you see.

    Her heart was in the right place…but the boots were sadly ruined. x

  19. Helen says:

    With a friend, my son rang 999 and called the Fire Brigade; he doesn’t like reminding of it, he’s now 25, my granddaughter is only 2 and too young to do anything really naughty

  20. Gemma Clark says:

    My eldest child when she was 2 yo, decided to ransack my makeup and painted her whole face in red lipstick and then felt tipped her legs from top to bottom…it looked like tribal war paint, naughty but funny so i just had to take a pic lol. My youngest who is 2 now has emptied a full bottle of talc all over my living room, picked a patch of paint off the bedroom wall 2 weeks after me newly painting it and drawn all over the bedroom walls :S

  21. Amanda Jaggard says:

    My little man has only just turned a year old. He is just figuring out what naughty is. His favourite thing when told not to throw something is to look at you smile then through what ever food or toy is in his hand. I can’t help laughing though as he gets the devil in his eye when he does it.

  22. Jo Kelly says:

    My son Harrison used to get up at 5am, creep downstairs & eat whatever he could possibly get hold of. There was one morning where he ate half a TUB if celebrations & 4 yoghurt’s :O He also got up & ate everyone’s Easter eggs last year, haha. Oh dear x

  23. ClairejB says:

    I don’t have kids of my own but I work with kids. They aren’t a particularly naughty bunch but one of them decided it was a good idea to cut his eyelashes off once (but afterwards I think he was just embarrassed!) 🙂

  24. nicola white says:

    had decorated all the house lovley, and my 5 yr old decided to draw all over the walls in his bedroom and my daughters room and bathroom, in black marker. i wasnt a happy bunny lol x

  25. Helen Porter says:

    its got to be vanishing out of the garden for an hour only to find he had army crawled under three lots fences to play with the kids slides and play den honestly my heart was in my mouth i was so happy to see him yet so angry as well xx

  26. Samantha R says:

    my daughter attempted to feed the cat, quite nice really but instead of putting food in the bowls she put in the contents of the litter tray

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