Skibz are baby bibs that look like scarves… basically a functional fashion accessory for babies.

Me and the twinnies have been putting Skibz to the (spit) test! As I mentioned in my post about toothy-pegs, my monkeys now have teeth and they dribble for England! Due to being premature babies, they often posset up some of their milk, post-feed too.

We were given Skibz “Doublez” which are double sided, with a different patterned fabric on each side. I love the concept of this although you’ll see in my photos that colour co-ordination is not always my strong point! The idea is your spit-monster beautiful baby wears the bib all day, without it looking like a bib! They have a thick layer in the middle which absorbs all that yucky flob!

I will confess now… I am a lazy chilled out mumma; so if I need to take the twins on the awful early-morning school run, I do not have the energy to get them dressed before 8pm! So my little cheats guide to faking the supermum-stylee school run…

1) Put Skibz on over baby’s sleepsuit (and coat if winter)
2) Put blanket over baby’s feet
Hey presto… onlookers will think you got your baby dressed!!!

I really love our Skibz, they wash well, they are more absorbant than they look and they prevent my sprogettes from using their necks as cheese factories / sitting in their clothes with a wet neck. They do up really easily with poppers which can be done up three different sizes and they also look really funky. So I’d definitely recommend putting Skibz on over your little dribbler’s Gucci ASDA Romper suit; instead of a tatty food-stained bib!

Here’s my twinnios modelling their Skibz with their pretty dresses…

You can check out the full range of Skibz on their website. There are some gorgeous designs, but personally I think the Doublez range are the best for their versatility.

I also think Skibz would also make for awesome Christmas presents for anyone whom has a little dribble monkey or posseting preemie!

Disclaimer: I have not recieved any payment for this post, however I was given a set of Skibz for my twins so that I could write a fair review from my own perspective. I have not been influenced in any way by any company or individual and all opinions are completely honest and entirely my own.

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