This post is not suitable for male members of my family… If that’s you… go away and come back for my next post!

Wot So Funee?

Before I tell you this story, I should probably set the scene by telling you that Bunny doesn’t do quiet… when she talks, she shouts…

As we were walking through town the other week, Bunny sparks up the following conversation:

Bunny: “Mummy can we go to that place with all the toys please?”
Me: “Where? The Disney store?” 
Bunny: “No the one where the kind lady looks after me”
*Cue long pause as I’m rather baffled as to what she is talking about* 
Me: “Do you mean the soft play centre?”
Bunny: “No the place where I play with the toys and chat to the nice lady while another lady rips the hair off your privates!”
*cue me feeling MORTIFIED*

…Yes, my darling 5 year old daughter has just told the whole of the town centre about my personal grooming habits. Not only has she publically broadcast the details of our trip to the waxing bar, but she did so with with zero tact!

PS. If my regular beautician is reading this – I’m sorry for using the waxing bar – you were on holiday!

This post was written as part of a link up to Actually Mummy’s “Wot So Funee” Blog Hop, you can see some other bloggers “Wot So Funee” posts below…


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