If you’re one of my subscribers, you may be thinking that it wasn’t that long ago I posted “Life through the eyes of newborn twins”… but yes my babies are growing up fast and now are 6 months old! So now I shall become their ghostwriter and put their gurgles and babbles into text – so they can tell you themselves, how they are getting on…

We shall start with Tiny, because Fluffy is napping!  “Hey, Tiny here… Yes, Fluffy is the lazy one! I want to get on the move! I am spending most of my days desperately trying to sit up! I do more demi-sit-ups in a day than daddy could do in a year! Sadly though, whilst I can get my head, neck, shoulders and legs off the ground, my lower back just doesn’t seem to follow. I’m pretty sure I’m going to surprise everyone soon with a full sit-up, but my balance isn’t great so mummy thinks I will fall back down again! I love making my bouncy chair twang and the door bouncer is just a genius invention, i can spin, swing, stand and bounce in that! Stick me in the bath and I will kick like my life depends on it – if mummy let go, i’m pretty sure i could swim the length of the bath in under a second! I do love being active, however I’m not big on tummy time and have no intention of crawling this side of Christmas!

I have a full on foot obsession. I have the cutest little tootsies in the world and I love holding them. I don’t know why – perhaps just because I can! It makes it easier for mummy to change my nappies because I hold my own legs up out of the way!

I don’t babble on very often but I like to babble and squeal LOUDLY when I do.

Mummy keeps putting this weird stuff in my mouth. I’m not really sure what to do with it so I spit most of it out and give her a big cheeky grin instead! I prefer the savoury stuff, like beef, potatoes and carrots! I was NOT a fan of strawberry! Milk is still my firm favourite and I’ve drank SO much of it over the last 6 months that I’ve really piled on the pounds! I now weigh more than four times my birth weight!!! Mummy says we are gorgeous and perfectly chubby – Daddy and Granny call us FAT!”



“Hey, I’m Fluffy! I like to sleep a lot, cuddle a lot and eat a lot. My favourite activity is watching tv! I’m not into all that active stuff like tiny. I figure the door bouncer is just another seat to sit in and do naff all. Tiny thinks she’s going to be an Olympic swimmer but I quite frankly can’t be bothered… I just lay there and smile! I do like seeing how far I can make my bouncing chair go before all the toys fall off though! Gives me a giggle. I’m sure I can make it take off! I love tummy time and whilst Tiny wants to be first to sit up (and most likely walk), I might see if I can use my legs to drag this belly across the floor instead! I haven’t summoned up the motivation yet, but I’ll go for it one day to keep daddy on his toes!
I babble and squawk a lot! It always gets a positive reaction and lots more chat from my spectators! Tiny copies me sometimes. We are both big on smiling. Every time we smile our silly hormonal mummy wells up with tears, smiles back and tells us we are beautiful! What’s not to like about that?!
Now onto my favourite topic… FOOD! mmm  m  mmmm! Shovel that stuff in a bit quicker will you, I’ve waited the best part of 6 months for this! I’ll pass on the beef and the veggies thanks – give me fruit or porridge anytime! Just like Tiny, I’ve piled on the weight and I’m still the biggest! Mummy is finding it hard to carry us both at the same time now – especially in our carseats! It’s a bit like watching a Mr Muscle advert!

 Anyway I’m off now to check out these things Tiny keeps telling me about… ooooh toes, I think I might hold onto these, make sure they don’t run away!”

  1. Homemaker Mummy says:

    Seriously COOL post!!! I hope my next pregnancy is twins..Shh.. don’t tell Homemaker daddy tho, he hasn’t realized I’ve been consuming dairy by the bucket loads & the fact I’m pushing 38..& will be my 4th! I’m hoping my odds are better than average. Thanks for sharing & heightening my excitement : )

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