To make our weaning journey a lot easier, the awesome people at Plum Baby sent us some of their baby food pouches for the twins.

Let’s see how the sprogettes got on…

This was their clear favourite:
 The great thing about Plum baby food is that they only use Natural Organic ingredients. Better still, a lot of them taste like smoothies. In fact, it was very difficult for me not to eat these myself. They look, smell and taste AMAZING! The twins thought so too! They also have a screw cap so if your baby(s) can’t eat it all in one go, you can store the rest in the fridge for up to two days, in its pouch.

Plum baby also sent me a weaning guide titled “The Weaning of Life”, which was not only invaluable to us starting our weaning journey, but also (aside from Gina Ford) the ONLY parenting book/advice I have read since having the twins. Why did I read it? Well because from page one it had me in stitches! It’s so full of humour that I rang my mum and read it down the phone to her. We were both giggling away, whilst reading through it.

My favourite phrase was this:
“It’s nigh on impossible to overfeed a baby – unlike Labradors, they have an inbuilt mechanism to stop eating when they’re full” – Plum Baby

The guide also gives you hilarious-but-true advice (especially with twins), such as
“Consider clingfilming the walls” and “wear a helmet”. To be honest, without this guide – I would have spent hours googling the answers to my questions, prior to weaning!

I have TWO Plum Baby Weaning Hampers to giveaway (which also includes “The Weaning of Life”). If you’d like to be in with the chance of winning one, enter by following the instructions on the rafflecopter below!

Here is what you could win!

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  1. Elliot Dawson says:

    our little one loves all the plum pouches especially the fruity ones I think her favourite is the banana & strawberry. Great giveaway!

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