I blogged the other day about making my own baby food, and realised that whilst mashing was great, it didn’t quite get the food puree smooth – which is what the twins currently need. So on to the next great weaning invention…

The Tommee Tippee Explora Baby Food Blender.

I’ve always loved Tommee Tippee Products and always advocate their Closer to Nature bottles – thanks to those, I was able to successfully mix-feed my oldest daughter and my twins. I’ve now got the blue ones and the pink ones and still use the original Tommee Tippee microwave steriliser, that I bought 6 years ago for Bunny!

As soon as we found out we were hitting the weaning stages, I went straight out and bought the Tommee Tippee Explora “First Easy Wean Spoons” (obviously we chose Orange and Pink!). The spoons are great as the tips are made of a really soft silicone so they don’t hurt the babies gums. It’s a shame they weren’t around when my oldest was weaning (or maybe they were but I missed them?)
 We also went out and bought Tommee Tippee Explora “First Sips” non spill beakers. Unfortunately the twins don’t seem to have the hang of these yet – they think it’s an exotic teether – but perhaps they are still a little young for those, I’ll try again in a few weeks.

Naturally loving all these products, I was eager to test out the Baby Food Blender.

I lovingly chose some ingredients (and was way too optimistic with quantities!)…
 Chopped, prepared and cooked them (steaming is best) …
 Then got out my baby food blender. Just to illustrate what a space saver this is, and that it’s not about to take over your kitchen like most new appliances do… This is how big it is…
 I put some of my cooked ingredients in the blender and switched it on. I’d advise giving them a brief mash first and not overloading it (like I did in the first attempt). It didn’t need long and it created a perfectly smooth puree.
 I’ll admit, I became a little skeptical when I saw how small it was, but was equally shocked at how good it was (Yes I’m still talking about the blender!!!)

It made two perfect sized meals for the twins in one go and took about 30 seconds to puree. So if you were wanting more – just run it again. This is ideal though if you just want to blend a portion of the family dinner for your baby(s). Also ideal for travel!

So what to do with the puree once you’ve made it? Well Tommee Tippee have an answer for that too! Pop up freezer pots and tray. These nifty little pots are a good size for baby food – you can just put a little in if you are in the early stages of weaning, or you can fill the pots for babies with bigger appetites. You can use them in the fridge or freezer and they have a soft base, so no more running them under a hot tap to loosen frozen cubes – you just push the bottom of the pot and out pops the food! I find they are also handy for storing shop bought puree if your baby wont eat a whole sachet in one go. The clincher for me – they are dishwasher safe! So that’s me sold on them! (I cannot stand washing up!)

 Thinking about it, there aren’t many Tommee Tippee products I don’t have! So thankyou Tommee Tippee for making my life with twins that little bit quicker, cleaner and easier 🙂

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