24 advent activities to do as a family
Having heard so many people talk about their homemade advent calendars and different Christmas traditions people have with their children, I  felt a bit… UnChristmassy! Bunny has a chocolate advent calendar and she’s been counting down the days until the first chocolate, for over two weeks! But we don’t really have that many things we do in the festive spirit – other than LOTS of shopping!
Bunny is only five, so the way I see it – It’s not too late to start some festive family traditions! So without further ado, I have come up with 24 advent activities to do in December, in the lead up to Christmas day.
1st – Put up the Christmas Tree & Decorations (Okay we’ve cheated today – Jonny and
Bunny did this one last week!)
2nd – Visit some real live Reindeer (at the local deer park)
3rd – Make a new decoration for the Christmas tree (We did this one last year too)
4th – Make a (very boozy) Christmas cake (marzipan free because I can’t stand the stuff!)
5th – Go to a Christmas Market – We are off to the one in Birmingham!
6th – Do some Christmas crafts
7th – School Christmas Fair
8th – Make Christmas Cards (an idea to save money and engage Bunny)
9th – Go to a Christmas Tree Festival (where there will also be carols & Christingle
10th – Watch a Christmas movie at the Cinema – We’re thinking Nativity 2.
11th – Watch Bunny at her school Nativity play (She is a MOUSE… yeah don’t ask!)
12th – Write Christmas cards & give out / post
13th – Bake something festive (maybe something to be given as early gifts?)
14th – Make our own Christmas Crackers (well have you seen how expensive the shop
ones are?)
15th – Watch Bunny’s Gymnastics Christmas Bonanza
16th – Go Christmas shopping – Buy all the presents!
17th – Make wrapping paper (another cost saver that Bunny will enjoy)
18th – Wrap Presents & put under the tree
19th – Visit Santa
20th – Watch a Christmas movie at home
21st – Read a Christmas story
22nd – Write a letter to Santa to leave out on Christmas eve
23rd – Make Christmas Cookies (These also make lovely gifts)
24th– Give the children their first presents (new PJ’s to wear) & leave note, key, snack and drink out for Santa and his Reindeer. Then go to bed uncharacteristically early!
24 family advent activities. Things to do with the children throughout advent to feel festive every day.
What do you do for advent? Do you make your own calendars? Do an activity a day? How about festive family traditions? Comment below and let me know!
  1. Homemade Happiness says:

    I LOVE this idea. We are doing the same in the Homemade House too. My daughter has a lovely advent calendar that her godmother made her last year that she will keep forever and each pocket contains an activity and also a chocolate coin (after i felt guilty about no choc haha)

    Another tradition we do have is a Cosy box that we have on Christmas Eve 🙂 xx

    • CrazyWithTwins says:

      Ah I heard about these cosy boxes the other day from a few other people who do similar – Do you mean like a bundle of things like new pj’s, slippers, hot choc, etc? I’m doing new PJ’s but Bunny and I got some GORGEOUS new slippers the other day from Monster Slippers so we are already wearing those! Chocolate coins is a brill idea – I might be adventurous enough to make my own advent calendar next year! xx

    • CrazyWithTwins says:

      I can’t take the credit for the “going to bed uncharacteristically early” – it’s a line from my favourite Christmas movie! lol. 24 Favourite Christmas songs… what a great idea! Thanks for linking up – I’m gunna open your post up and head off to iTunes! 🙂 xx

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