A great new Christmas tradition seems to be emerging among families with young children – some call it a cosy box, some call it a snuggle hamper, some a Christmas eve hamper. On Christmas Eve, before a ridiculously early bedtime (because it will take hours to get to sleep anyway when you are THIS EXCITED!) parents give their hyperactive offspring an early present. I think the hidden agenda behind this lovely concept, is hoping that it will make them warm and sleepy!

So what do people put in a Christmas Eve Hamper?

New Pyjamas
New Slippers
A Christmas bedtime story
A festive DVD / Blu-Ray
A Cuddly toy

Depending on the age of your children, some parents also include:
Hot chocolate with marshmallows or chocolate milk, with a Christmas mug
A nice bubble bath

My Bunny has eczema so we will be leaving out the bubble bath, but I really love this idea so I am going to try it this year!

However, when it came to the slippers… we just couldn’t wait until Christmas eve! Bunny and I were given the most amazing slippers from Monster Slippers and we just had to put them on straight away!

My Slippers! (Silva the Seal)

Bunny’s Slippers (Oswald the Owl)

Not only are the adorable, but they are fun too… here’s Bunny’s first reaction to our new slippers…

You see – dual function – they double up as a toy!

Yes, we really are laying on the floor doing an upside down puppet show!!!

We had a good giggle with them

We’ve been wearing our slippers CONSTANTLY for over a month now. They are wonderfully comfortable, and gorgeously warm (I HATE being cold) and they are not showing the slightest signs of wear, which shows they will last us a long time. In fact Bunny will probably grow out of hers long before she wears them out.

Monster Slippers have a truly fantastic range on offer – we chose animal slippers – which are available in more than twenty different animals for men and women, as well as children! I am therefore finding myself scanning their pages on a daily basis and planning to buy lots more slippers as Christmas presents! In fact, I’m hoping the Jonny will buy me some of their rollable ballet pumps?! (Just in case this isn’t a big enough hint – I’m going to do a whole post on what I want for Christmas tomorrow!!!)

Do you do cosy hampers on Christmas eve with your family? Do you stop at the children or do them for everyone? I really think if you’ve not bought your slippers yet – you should check out these slippers, because I really can’t recommend them enough!


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  1. Lorna says:

    My parents always did this with us growing up and I’ve done the same with my boys too, there’s nothing quite like having a bath then getting into your new pj’s, snuggling up with a good film and then going to bed and waiting for Father Christmas to turn up! So sweet =) x
    Lorna recently posted..Silent SundayMy Profile

  2. WallyMummy says:

    That is such a cute idea – I’ve never heard of that before! But then I’ve never had kids before so the whole Xmas with child thing is still pretty new to me lol x Mine is too little at the moment, but probably by next Xmas she’ll be aware of what’s going on – I am defo gonna do this! Thanks! xxx
    WallyMummy recently posted..Wine timesMy Profile

  3. The Beesley Buzz says:

    oooh those slippers do look so warm and cosy. My kids would love those! (they have already chosen a pair each which we have wrapped ready for Christmas but they keep spotting more which they ‘really really love and please mummy can we have them’. So I won’t let them see your blog! x

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