Dear Santa,

As per usual, there isn’t much that I want for Christmas. I feel utterly blessed already with my three beautiful little girls, so Christmas for me, is all about them.

Having said that, I have been a very good Mumma this year. I did nearly die during childbirth and I have stuck to all of my new years resolutions to be less of a bitch!

So… if you are wondering what to put in my stocking, I’d love one of the following (and if you click on the name of the item – some will take you directly to the link of what I want!!!):


Rollable Ballet Pumps from Monster Slippers (Purple)




Kitchencraft Pasta Maker KCMACH2 





Gloucestershire University Graduation Bear 2012 – Medium with glasses (B1)





Gloucestershire University Campus Hoodie (G8-W71) 
(The top one – NOT the vintage one!) Size Small – Graduation date 15th November 2012 at 15:00 Any colour (It may not arrive til after Christmas – but that’s fine with me!)

Some really good (but idiot friendly) Video editing software

A new onesie (not fussy which one)

PS. I don’t have a chimney, but you are magic right?! I will leave you Guinness (as my husband says that’s what you drink?) and something direly unhealthy to snack on!

If any PR’s are reading this… I would LOVE (to review):
*A SMEG or Gorenje Fridge Freezer – One of the massive ones!
*A 7 seater car with sliding doors! (Peugeot 807 perhaps?)
*A round-the-world-cruise for the whole family (or a car ferry to Ireland would suffice)

*wishful thinking*
Hmm yes, Get real Emma!

What is on your Christmas list? Have you been a good boy / girl / mummy / daddy this year?

🙂 xxx

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