Family Secrets (Wot So Funee)

December 5, 2012 in Blog Hops / Memes / Linkies, Entertainment, Family, Humour, Parenting, Uncategorized, Wot So Funee by Emma Day

More hilarious conversations and statements from 5 year old Bunny!

Bunny: “Mummy will you help me with my homework please?”
Me: “Of course I will”
Bunny: “I don’t want Daddy to go near my homework”
Me: “Why not?”
Bunny: “Because he will fart on it!”

Bunny: “Mummy can you keep a family secret?”
Me: “Yes sweetheart, what is it?” 
Bunny: “I’m in love with Dylan!” (boy from school!)

Bunny: “Wearing a plaster… makes this arm shorter than the other one!!!”

The clincher of the week came this morning…

Bunny: “Mummy what is the hole in your arm for?”
Me: “That is where the doctor put a piece of plastic in mummys arm, to stop mummy having any more babies” (in hindsight – this could really confuse the birds and the bees talk when she’s older!)
*Bunny instantly looks sad*
Me: “Whats the matter sweetheart?”
Bunny: “I was hoping for three more brothers or sisters!” 


Wot So Funee?