Bunny is a stereotypical little girl when it comes to dressing up. Dressing up is her absolute favourite thing to do. You don’t even want to know how much money we have spent on princess dresses over the last couple of years!

In fact I’m going to share with you Santa’s secret story…

Bunny has asked Father Christmas for a Merida dress (from the Disney movie Brave). But Father Christmas has suffered some financial disasters as of late (due to a very bad man that Santa will not be visiting). Santa was feeling very sad about this Merida dress, as it was going to cost his elves £40 to buy make! But then Santa saw Bunny in her children’s Christmas pudding costume and a big smile spread across his face…

Bunny was sent her brand new Christmas pudding dress, from the lovely people at Jokers’ Masquerade, from their collection of kids Christmas fancy dress costumes. These Jokers make fantastic costumes for us adults too, if you fancy joining in on the fun?

Bunny wanted a festive outfit, but wanted something different from the little Miss Claus styley dresses we’ve always put her in at Christmas! I knew straight away what my little pudding would choose, as soon as I showed her the website! She has barely taken it off since it arrived!

Anyway, on with the story…

…So Santa saw Bunny in her Christmas Pudding dress and a metaphoric lightbulb lit up above his head! .. because look what Jokers’ Masquerade have for £17.99…

AND up until Friday 21st December… they can deliver in time for Christmas!

So Santa and his elves are breathing a frugal sigh of relief and thanks to the wonderful world of the web, Bunny will be able to transform into Merida on Christmas day after all.

Mrs Claus is kicking herself for not finding out about Joke.co.uk back in her student days!

Disclaimer: I did not receive any form of payment for writing this post. Jokers’ Masquerade did however send my daughter an outfit to play with, which I chose to review from my own perspective. All opinions are completely honest and entirely my own. I was not influenced in any way, by any brand, company or individual.

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