This post may start off a little less than cheery, but stick with it, while I try to show you the true meaning of Christmas spirit…

On Christmas day, while you are chinking your champagne flute, carving the turkey, pulling crackers and littering your house with torn wrapping paper and merriment… Savour every moment of joy with your family. There will be others spending their Christmas day within the white unhomely walls of a hospital. They won’t feel well enough for Mince pies and Chocolate Santas but they will cherish every second spent with their family, even if they are so very ill.

There are some people who won’t know if this Christmas is their last, with a certain loved one. There are some whom will treasure every second, knowing it is goodbye. Cancer doesn’t stop for Christmas. It doesn’t take a break during the holidays. In fact, when I was a little girl, while we were busy enjoying Christmas, my Cancer was growing inside me.

So my plea to you this Christmas is this…

When you’re in that shop, trying to decide whether or not to buy someone that extra present. That present you aren’t even sure if they will like. That present which really is probably just one too many, as you’ve bought loads already and your plans to be frugal have long flown out the window…

… Put it back. Put it back on the shelf and donate the cost of that (probably stupid) present to Cancer Research UK. Then feel good about yourself. Christmas is the time for giving, for generosity and goodwill to all mankind. Whether it is £1 or £20, your donation will help researchers find a cure for Cancer. And hopefully one day, in the not too distant future, because of that tacky unwanted gift you put back on the shelf, one of your loved ones may be spared from this cruel disease.

THAT is Christmas Spirit!

Wishing good health to you all this Christmas.

🙂 xxx

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