This post may induce mouth-watering, a deep feeling of festivity and an insatiable hankering for Gluhwein!

Or it may just make you laugh at pity our stupidity, including our tales of getting lost numerous times, falling over and getting refused alcohol!

It was a bad start to the day… almost instantly after arriving in Birmingham, we got lost! We had a map and sat nav on one mobile phone, we had Parkopedia on the other. It turns out some of the carparks in Birmingham are quite rough so we’d opted for one with “A Safer Parking Award” and CCTV! I will be honest, we acted as though we were in the ghetto! (Sincere apologies to everyone in Birmingham, I’m sure it’s not really that bad!) We had already memorized the directions and chosen a car park… but something had gone wrong! Half an hour later, after driving down the same road for the fifth time, we gave up and swung into the nearest Bullring car park! Parking cost us £5 for three hours and we felt quite safe there (but took the car stereo out just in case!).

It was only a very short walk to the Christmas Markets from the Bullring and we were instantly greeted by very welcoming food smells! Bratwurst or Weiners or whatever the Germans call them (Sausages to me and you) in hot dog rolls. A bit steep at £5 but they were HUGE! Noodles, Jacket potatoes, Crepes, Cakes, Pastries, Curry, Turkey rolls, German pancakes, smoked fish (smoked by fire in front of you) and a variety of other foods were on sale. Never go there when you are hungry or you will eat all your money (Not literally)!

As I was busy looking at the smoked fish, I didn’t realise there was a big metal bar sticking out in front of me… over I went, making a hugely noticable scene grasping for the railing to steady myself (which then moved) and trying to save my shopping at the same time! I end up in a crumbled heap on the floor, half giggling and half worrying about my gluhwein mug I bought!

And the chocolate… oh my the chocolate… check this out…
And these choco mallow things that basically have flavoured marshmallow fluff inside them… I bought ten for £4 and took some home for the Jonny (who wasn’t impressed) and Bunny (who loved hers)!

The main aim of going to the Christmas market of course was actually just to sample the Gluhwein (German mulled wine)! We excitedly ordered our drinks and the German stall holder snapped that he wanted Azaria’s proof of age. It was then she confessed she had left it at home. After a few minutes of mocking her… he turned to me and asked for mine! No problem! I always carry my ID in my purse, except… today! Shit! Obviously I’m not about to kick off. It’s quite flattering someone thinks I am under 18 and I understand why the think 25 policy is in place. I am after-all a Licensee. But at the same time… I’m 26!

We weren’t defeated though, Zar went to browse some stalls, whilst I tried another and got served for the both of us. I felt like I was back in college and trying to get served underage on my lunch break! We giggled as we drank it. Mine was just standard Gluhwein, but my Alcy friend added rum and amaretto to hers! You could also buy German beer, fresh apple juice or spicy hot cider. If I hadn’t been driving I’d have had one of each! (Note to self – take a train next year)

We had a lot of fun browsing the stalls and there were lots of great gift ideas, from ornaments and candles, to Christmas decorations and novelty items.

I really wanted to buy these gorgeous little baby booties for the twins but they were a little over my budget at £15 per pair! I also would have loved to buy some star lampshades and a string of feather lights, if I’d had more money. I also saw some little precious gem stones which I used to collect when I was younger.

So what did I actually buy?… (Aside from lots of food and Gluhwein)

Azaria and I spent ages sniffing and choosing individual incense sticks… ten for £2 (and had to check with each other we hadn’t stained our noses a funny colour!)

We each bought a keepsake PINT sized Gluhwein mug for the bargain price of £1.50! (best deal ever!) Although Zar accidentally cracked hers on the way home and has been sulking ever since!

Another smell sensation… I bought some Irish Cream flavoured coffee beans for £3, which made my entire kitchen and living room smell nice before I’d even made the coffee!. The coffee was very tasty, but so strong it gave me the shakes – I definitely wouldn’t be hardcore enough for the vodka one!

I also bought some pressies that actually weren’t “To me, Merry Christmas, All my love, Me!”…oh no… my mistake… this one was for me too…

I bought a pair of Salt Crystal tealights for £20 to decorate the dining table on Christmas day and my bedroom thereafter. We wont mention the display one at the stand that I accidentally broke when the seller wasn’t looking!

I bought a snowglobe (for a special little person who has a fascination with them) for £5.

There was lots going on to entertain too.

A Carousel for the littles…


…One of those statues that turns out to actually be a living person. We weren’t fooled, but we had a good laugh at the Japanese Tourist who jumped out of her skin (and screamed so loud it could be heard in Blackpool)!

There was a band playing festive tunes to put that extra spring in your step…

Lots of bars…

But then idiots with a sense of imagination can make entertainment out of anything…

Even driving home can be fun when you are heading for the M5 South and find out you are actually on the M6 going to North Wales! Whoops!

We only had a couple of hours at the Christmas market but we had a lot of fun and could easily have spent a lot longer there. Maybe even hit the Bullring shops after! Although bad Idea I expect! After the things I bought, food, drink, parking and a couple other little pressies I can’t mention (as the recipients read this blog), I spent around £50 in total and had a great day with a great buddy.

So that was my Travelsupermarket Christmas Market Review and here’s my top tip for going to Birmingham Christmas Market…


Disclaimer: I was not paid for writing this post but my expenses were covered by Travelsupermarket. All opinions are completely honest and entirely my own. I was not influenced in any way, by any brand, company or individual.

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