Yesterday I told you all about my graduation, which I celebrated with my mum, my Jonny and the girls, with a tasty meal at a restaurant (Thankyou Mummy!). Shortly after, I was able to celebrate again, when the lovely Andrea from Baker Days sent me a graduation cake!

Not only was the cake in stunning colour and had a photo of yours truly on it, but it came straight through my letterbox! Yes my letterbox! Just an ordinary sized letterbox. With the rest of my mail bills.

Whilst it might not be a huge triple layer, numerous tiered cake, it was a lovely surprise and such a nice looking cake! And let’s face it – there are only three of us living in this house able to eat cake, so what would I do with a massive one anyway? If you are a bit of a cake-addict like me, you might be tempted to hide it and scoff the lot yourself, but I decided to be generous and each of us still got a nice sized piece of cake.

It came in a neat little presentation tin, which we now use to store little crafty bits and pieces. Also in the box were balloons, a party blower, a card and candles. Bunny had great fun with the balloons and blowing on the party whistle, whilst I lit the candles and felt special for a few moments until she blew them out.

The best part though, undoubtedly, is the taste. WOW. I had the double chocolate chip sponge and it was utterly scrumptious!

Baker Days do cakes for absolutely every occasion you can think of, from driving test cakes, to christening cakes and thankyou cakes. I’m loving the look of the Valentines cakes!!!

Basically…You choose the occasion, then choose the design you like. Next you get options of whether you want a letterbox cake, a small party cake or a large party cake, before choosing the kind of cake you want (sponge / carrot / fruit / chocolate chip / gluten free). Then the best bit – you can personalise them with photos, names and your own words.

The service was great, the cake looked and tasted amazing, and I will certainly be buying these for people, myself. Very impressed (and now craving more cake, having written this!

I’m going to shut my cake-hole now and go get on with something useful! Happy drooling!

Disclaimer: I did not receive any form of payment for writing this post. Baker Days did however, send me a letterbox cake to celebrate my graduation, which I chose to review from my own perspective. All opinions are completely honest and entirely my own. I was not influenced in any way, by any brand, company or individual.

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