December 2012 was a busy period for us. Jonny had to work a lot (including Christmas day) so when he eventually got a day off, we were excited to have some family time.  Money Supermarket family days out inspired us to check out Bristol Aquarium. A quick tip for you… don’t wear stilettos!

I don’t need to say much about our awesome day out, as the pictures say it all, but I’ve concocted up a cheesy little rhyme for you, to tell the story!

I have never before,
been afraid of the sea,
until I saw some of these creatures,
staring back at me!

Some oh so pretty,
some much the same.
Bright colourful fish,
too many to name.

Turtles so agile,
the seahorses look drunk.
Beautiful corals,
the starfish have sunk.

Some ordinary fish,
a glimpse of me.
My husband and bunny,
play under the sea.

Then these unusual critters.
Rays hide in sand.
Anemones, giant crabs,
and fish getting tanned.

We listened to talks,
saw the sharks getting fed;
while the nemo-like clownfish
got ready for bed.

A bright bold jellyfish,
glows in the dark.
A big hairy spider,
lurks under the bark.

An enormous lobster,
bigger than the twins.
Dainty little stripey fish,
flitting their fins.

A poisonus dart frog,
flourescent green and black.
I spy a hideous eel,
who eerily stares back.

Whilst we had so much fun,
a new fear lurks inside.
Look at this beast,
while I run and hide!

Stuck to the glass,
up close you will see,
a giant octopus,

Bristol Aquarium,
a fantastic day out,
getting our family of five,
up and about.

Thanks Moneysupermarket,
our day has been cool!
we will be back again,
when Bunny’s not at school.

A family ticket to Bristol Aquarium usually costs around £38.50 for 2 adults and 2 children, which I think is quite fair when you consider you are getting entertainment and education and keeping the family occupied for a few hours. There were all sorts of talks and demonstrations and geeky science facts included in the price. There is also a gift shop and a cafe. The best part for us was that the entire venue was completely double-buggy friendly!

If you like to read all the literature and get involved with all the activities, you probably want to allow at least 3-4 hours at the Aquarium. If you have children that get bored easily and just want to look at the fish and the turtles, walk through the underwater tunnel and get straight to the souvenirs, then you can probably get around in 1-2 hours. The aquarium is in central Bristol at the Harbourside, so there are car parks nearby and there are many restaurants, shops and other tourist attractions in close walking distance too.

Money Supermarket discount vouchers often does discounts on various family days out, so check there before you buy, or for inspiration on where to go.

I am entering this review into Tots100 and Money Supermarket’s #BritainsBestDaysOut Competition in attempt to win £2000. 

Disclaimer: I did not receive any form of payment for writing this post. Money Supermarket sent me a complimentary family ticket to Bristol Aquarium, which I chose to review from my own perspective. All opinions are completely honest and entirely my own. I was not influenced in any way, by any brand, company or individual.

  1. Jo3363 says:

    Glad you enjoyed it, we thought it was a but rubbish as we struggled to make it last more and 2 hours. The 3D film was the best part. Pricey if you’re paying for a family. It should be linked with @Bristol next door so the priced is reduced.

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