No it isn’t a fancy breakfast cereal or even a new position from the Karma Sutra. That would be wishful thinking.

Today is the day that my consultant will be cutting out half of my thyroid, as I have suspected Papillary Carcinoma. By time you read this, I will already be in hospital and quite frankly, I am bricking it. Despite having had many general anesthetics in my life, they don’t get any easier. I am still terrified. My saving grace is knowing that this surgery is quite straightforward, with a low risk of complications.

Hopefully myself or my Jonny will be able to send some tweets or a blog later on, to let you all know how I got on in surgery. I don’t know if I will get my results today or whether I have another long wait. But I’ll pray for benign-ness later, right now I’m praying that surgery goes  well.

As the lump on my thyroid is pressing on my vocal chords, there is the chance my voice will change or may even be reduced to just a husk. But in all honesty, I’ve never thought of my voice as beautiful anyway. As long as I can tell my children I love them 100 times a day, then I don’t care what I sound like.

And THAT ladies and Gentlemen, is the hard part. I am going to be parted from my three gorgeous girls for two days. I hate being away from them and this will be the longest I’ve ever been away from the twins. We have been advised that the twins shouldn’t visit me in the hospital, as there is a chance they could pick up a virus (or worse) from one of the other patients. Bunny will hopefully visit me tonight though, all being well.

Don’t worry, I won’t be lonely. Bunny has given me her baby Rhino to take with me and I have given her my tatty-teddy bear to hug, while I can’t.

I love my amazing girls so much!

Big love to all of you who have sent me beautiful messages of support. It means a lot.

Blog ya’ all on Tuesday!


  1. Mumsmoments says:

    Hope all goes well, your blog post is lovely- especially the part about swapping bears with bunny…. But now I have to redo my mascara!!! Best of luck today and a speedy recovery x

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