There’s a lot of talk at the moment, about the MAD Blog Awards.

What are they?
They are the Mum and Dad Blog Awards. There are thousands of nominees each year, but only the FOUR blogs in each category with the highest number of nominations, get to go to the finals. Therefore… I need LOTS of nominations to be in with a chance of getting there.

Who can Nominate?
Anyone! You do not have to be a blogger to nominate. I do need nominations from as many people as possible though. 

How to Nominate…
So if you are feeling kind and can spare a few seconds of your time, please hit the “Nominate Me” badge below (or if the badge isn’t displaying, click here) and nominate me in one (or both) of the following categories:

Best Baby Blog
Best New Blog 

To nominate – just enter my web address into the nomination box.

MAD Blog Awards
Don’t feel you have to nominate in every category – the only compulsory category is Blog of the Year, which, if you don’t know any other eligible bloggers, I’m more than happy for you to enter me for that too!!! 🙂

Why do I want to be there?
Well, aside from the fact, it would be a huge honour, The MADs have a lavish awards ceremony and absolutely fantastic prizes for the winners. It would also show me just how much support I have for my writing.

Why should you nominate me for Best Baby Blog?
In May 2012 I gave birth to twins. I blogged the last trimester of my pregnancy, my gory birth story and all about HELLP Syndrome and Neonatal. Once we were home I have blogged everything baby from newborn, 3month and 6 month updates, to little snippets of twin life. I’ve blogged about breastfeeding, weaning, chicken pox and first aid for babies. Some of my big hit posts were Life through the eyes of newborn twins and things I find myself saying to my babies. There have been many cute photos and videos too and I have so much more to come!

Coming soon… a section on public transport with twins, premature baby development, new baby milestones, baby food recipes and more gorgeous photographs, poetry and anecdotes of unquestioning parental love.

Why should you vote for me for Best New Blog?
Because I have only been blogging for 10 months and I have come so far in that time. From a personal record of our lives, which I thought nobody would read, to opening my heart to thousands of people across the world. I hold nothing back and blog from my soul.  I have variety in my posts, I talk about all of us and vary the tone of emotions. I have made my readers laugh, cry and think. Many of you have private messaged me, telling me that I have inspired you somehow, and I can tell you there is no greater compliment for my written words. When I blogged about the Stand up to Cancer campaign, many of you reached out to me with your own stories and many of you said I’d motivated you to donate money to this worthy cause. That is only the tip of the iceberg. I have found motivation and inspiration within the blogging community and am so thrilled that I am able to continue doing so for some of you.

So those are my reasons. There are so many brilliant bloggers out there and the competition for MAD nominations is fierce. I don’t want to step on toes, but it would mean a lot to me to make it to the finals. So if you think I deserve it, then nominate me and your kindness will make the smile on my face, that little bit bigger!

Much love to all my loyal readers.

Emma xxx

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