My lovely big brother came over to look after me for a few days whilst I was recovering from surgery and not allowed to lift anything (including my own children!). After taking Bunny to her swimming class, he came home with a cupcake to cheer me up and for us to have as pudding. We were missing out on cake, because that very day was my amazing Mummy’s 60th Birthday and we couldn’t make it to her birthday lunch, as I wasn’t up to it

However, this was no ordinary cupcake. No. It weighed over 2kgs and had a sign on the back that said “Serves 20”. It was HUUUGE!

Anyway, I want to quickly say, Thankyou to my big bro for always being so awesome. I love you loads.

And Happy 60th to my fantastic Mummy. I am so sad and sorry that I couldn’t make it to celebrate her big day. I had so desperately wanted to throw her a party, but time, finance and health were not on my side. I love you always Mummy and I hope I can make it up to you one day.



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