Wednesday Words: My 27th Birthday

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Good Morning! Please excuse my tardiness with this weeks Wednesday Words!

I was very tempted to use:
“Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday dear Crazy…” …You get the picture!

I was also tempted to put something nice from one of my birthday cards, courtesy of Hallmark, but I decided instead to write you something myself! So here you go, in celebration of my 27th birthday, I give you a quickly thrown together Acrostic poem, celebrating my achievements so far in this wonderful thing called life…

Three beautiful happy daughters,
Wife to one crazy wonderful man.
Enough love to send a kiss round the world.
Newly wed and newly blogging,
Two-one in my honours degree;
Yet I’ve 300 poems you haven’t read.

econd time trying to beat Cancer,
Ever striving to be the best I can be.
Veering towards my own business,
Every day I count my blessings.
Not bad for a girl just turned twenty seven.
©Emma Day AKA CrazyWithTwins

So nothing amazing, but I think it gives a short and sweet glimpse of me!

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Much Love and Birthday Cheer, Emma


Crazy With Twins