I’ve been thinking about holidays a lot lately. Probably because I feel we are in dire need of one! The last time we went away anywhere was a weekend in London for my birthday, valentines and our babymoon combined – exactly a year ago. It was lovely but I wouldn’t call it a holiday. It was the weekend my SPD kicked in to my twin pregnancy, so it was somewhat ruined by my inability to walk!

Me on our Babymoon weekend in London

Before that our last holiday I believe was Disneyland Paris with Jonny and Bunny for 4 days, again while I was pregnant. We had a fab time. It was actually my 4th time to Disneyland Paris and sadly we chose a really shabby hotel. As a hospitality manager by trade and a recent hospitality management graduate, hotels are an important part of a holiday to me. I know a lot of people say “It’s just a place to sleep”, but believe me – if you had to sleep anywhere as filthy as this supposed 3 star hotel – you would rethink your opinion! I will post an indepth “review” of the hotel scumsville, in another post.

Disneyland Paris 2011 – Pregnant with Twins!

Jonny and I have a dream of one day visiting Paris again to see the actual sites of Paris and visit The Moulin Rouge. The Moulin Rouge is “Our Film” and “Come What May” is “Our Song”, to which we danced our first dance at our wedding. I’d love to go there, have the three course meal and watch the entertainment. It’s on my 30 before 30 list! When the day comes that we can afford such a trip (as we’d probably have to take a babysitter with us… Granny quite likes a holiday!), we will make sure we thoroughly research hotels first. I do think it’s worth paying a bit more for a touch of luxury and an extra star. So I will probably look for hotels on a site like this. Ok let’s face it… I don’t just want the extra star; my degree has made me a hotel snob! I won’t accept less than 4 stars!

Ah… now I’m thinking about holidays, I want to tell you about ALL of them! I am very passionate about the places I have been. We could really do with a proper holiday once I finish my radiotherapy. Perhaps a little sunshine too? Ah well, I shall keep playing the lottery!


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