I’m getting really annoyed and upset now.

11 days ago, I was told that my surgery was on the urgent list and therefore would be likely within the week, or if not, within 14 days.

I spent the best part of 6 hours trying to get through on the telephone last Monday to get my hospital admission date. Nobody on the bookings line would answer the telephone to me or call me back, despite the line alternating between ringing and engaged. Eventually I was told that my consultant (whom is my surgeon) was on holiday, so my surgery would not even be booked that week, let alone carried out. I was told to call back the following Monday.

Yesterday I called back, numerous times. Again the phone alternated between engaged and ringing. I called my Consultant’s secretary as I was getting fed up of no answer on the booking line. They promised to get someone to call me straight away.

Today, I’m back to the engaged/ringing of the booking line and still no answers.

Fed up and frustrated after sitting up most of last night dwelling on the poisonous thoughts inside my head, I decided to call my MacMillan nurse. My MacMillan nurse is a lovely lady and she works alongside my consultant and my oncologist, so I thought she could help.

Guess what… She’s on holiday until next Monday!

Why don’t I speak to my Oncologist? Well because they haven’t even told me my Oncologists name yet!!!

I am now feeling quite trapped and very alone. I have all these questions and nobody to answer them. I’m dreading my surgery, but I still need to know the date. I need to organise my mum to come up and watch the children. I need to plan. I need to know in my head that these bastard cells are going to be cut out and nuked before they spread any further.

So who do I turn to now?

  1. Keren says:

    How incredibly frustrating – depends on how long you want to spend. Me? I’d maybe contact PALS ( patient liaison service)- they might have a clue. I’d google who the chief executive is- and google a few of the staff numbers/emails. I’d be tempted to ask to speak to the chief exec’s PA- or actually go to the complaints people. If you’re in the system someone can find who your consultant is- its being sneaky and even finding a switchboard and changing the end number by up one or down a number and see where it takes you.
    Having said all of that- I’m sure you don’t feel like doing any of that and really you shouldn’t have to. Sending a hug x

  2. Jenny says:

    i know this is hard but you must let it happen. It WILL happen and you’re getting frenzied about it won’t help. I understand it’s cancer, they do too. Keep busy and keep trying to reach them but you have been given information. It will work out but you cannot force it to. Hard, I know. You have my support and love. x

  3. Pinkoddy says:

    (((hugs))) must be such an awful time for you. Have you looked to see if there’s any online support where you could get some answers from? Awful they have you waiting around like this x

  4. Sarah MumofThree World says:

    Aaagh! I am so frustrated for you. You don’t need this right now. Part of me thinks go to the press. Young mum, three small children, baby twins… They would almost certainly be interested. Might make someone in authority at the hospital sit up and take notice. Even tweeting the Echo the link might work. Good luck. X

  5. MyTwoMums (C) says:

    That’s awful. You would think that a hospital would have other consultants to perform surgery whilst the other is on holiday?! We’re thinking of you, try to stay calm, I’m sure everything will work out very soon 🙂

  6. Mummy Glitzer says:

    Oh how frustrating for you!

    All I can suggest (in practical terms) is trying your consultant’s secretary (again!) tomorrow. I wouldn’t even bother with the booking line in your situation as you have been trying it.

    I would then (personally) email a complaint. I spent the best part of a week being passed from pillar to post to try to sort out my appointment with my geneticist and it wasn’t until I emailed the complaints team that I got a response, giving me a name, a telephone number, secretary name and then the following day I had an appointment in the post.

    As for the MacMillan Nurse, could you see if there is someone else you could talk to while your nurse is on leave?

    *big hugs* Xx
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  7. Gemma Mills / Chamberlain says:

    Appalling. So unfair when you’re being so brave. I’m with the others, call the oncologist reception tomorrow and explain the situation. It shouldn’t matter a toss that your surgeon is on holiday – they can still make appointments in his / her absence.

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